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First Podcast: Benj talks about the environment January 30, 2007

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Do you care about the environment? Is hugging trees your favorite past time?

My First Podcast

Yes, its archaic. I used Sound Recorder to do this and Odeo sucks. New users are not allowed to upload podcasts on that blasted site. It’s a small .wav file (less than 500kb) and it will run on your Windows Media Player.

Please listen to this one and tell me what you think.

Leave a message if you intend to JOIN THE CRUSADE!

note: I dont have a lisp. I blame my cheap 80 peso microphone for that. haha

Wine = Whine January 28, 2007

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To the Philippine Blogging Community

I really don’t know what to make of what happened yesterday. I have no idea if I should stay in character or just clarify what I really meant with the things that I posted on this blog. The number of people who asked me if I really cut myself was in alarming levels and it was a real dilemma whether I should just play with it while flashing my ‘scar-less’ forearm or just be stern in being less sarcastic and sardonic (Ganns Deen, 2007). I leave it to your best judgment, guys. Now, link me! haha


To the dismay of everyone in attendance, I didn’t win the 30GB iPod video that was the biggest prize in the raffle. The iPod went to AJ. He struck a messiahnic rockstar pose as he embraced the big moment of winning the mp3 player. To everyone’s surprise, nobody tried to mug him on the way out.

My name was actually drawn twice for the raffle. I won a Yehey.com pen with laserpointer and pen light as well as a bottle of Bucks Fizz (white wine with orange juice) from Marks & Spencer. The latter would’ve been a perfect prize for me save for one tiny detail – I don’t drink.

The People

People who ignored this event definitely missed out big time. The who’s who of Philippine blogging was there. The ever recognizable Yuga was there along with the Philippine Webby winner Noemi who was friendly enough to approach me (28 years her junior) to ask for signature and name for one of the games. Mike Abundo was also there to face his flamers who unfortunately failed to show up.

It was also great to see the minds behind the blogs I frequent. Ade is as fat as advertised. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to him for a long time. He and Aaron had to catch the last train so they left shortly after the raffle ended. Apparently, they attended for the iPod. Darwin, the young and diminutive owner of Juicelog was also in attendance. The ever gregarious Heneroso Bistokya was also at hand. Irvin – a debater from UPLB — also made it.

The magic tricks of Marcelle were a big hit as well. A few lucky gets were fortunate enough to go home with twisted and flared out forks. His entire magic show cum mentalism schtick was very freaky. Good thing I didn’t really pay that much attention. I wouldve had nightmares for months if I did. Disclaimer: this photo wasn’t taken during the trick. We were just posing with the already bent fork.

Jeff was once again golden as he won his second five-figure raffle prize in two months (the first one being an XBOX).

Since Ganns Deen has been blogging about me for a week already, I’ll be gracious enough to give him his own paragraph. Mister Deen was every bit I expected him to be – though I didn’t expect him to be THAT fat. He had the worst of luck of having to deal with a flat tire but of course, that balanced off with the priceless opportunity to meet me [finally] in person. Ganns was talkative as hell. He made me seem like one those silent types.

To Cathy, yes, your husband is picking on me! Please do something about it. 🙂

The loot

These are the stuff that I took home from the party: [remember, going didn’t cost anything

  • four months FREE subscription to Mobile Magazine courtesy of Kevin
  • a USB fan courtesy of e-Yellow Pages.
  • a copy of Kerygma magazine… yipee?
  • a bottle of wine from Marks and Spencer
  • a wi-fi card worth three hours of surfing.
  • a pen from Yehey.
  • and most of all, half a dozen original glaze doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!

So there. Thanks to all the sponsors and committee members who made the party as smashing and successful as it was. Expect to see me for future blog events. 🙂

Deen’s Delusions January 26, 2007

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I’m flabbergasted at how absorbed Ganns Deen is on the premise of meeting me for tomorrow’s party. To those familiar with Pinoyexchange, just think of one moderator who berates users who dish out vitriol. Honestly, I’ve never used the word vitriol outside of chemistry class.

Anyway, if you’ll go to his site, you’ll see the kilometric babble on how tomorrow’s meeting would probably be an explosive affair. Yadda Yadda. Of course, just like any Atenean, he’s expecting that he would be the most important person in the party and everything will revolve around his presence. Come on, he’s not even sure if I’m going to give him five seconds tomorrow. Well, at least he’ll find out for himself tomorrow.

So there, bring it, Ganns Deen. Whatever happens, I’ll be expecting an apology from you.

If you’re reading this website now, it’s probably because you’re invited to the party as well. To make it easier for you I’ll post a quick me-me. haha

This is a fleeting shot of me during one of gigs late last year. If you’re an average reasonable person, you would come to the conclusion that I’m in a band. That would be partly correct because I’m in two bands – a hard rock unit called Implement Project and an atheist acoustic duo Pariah. I’m a retired collegiate debater, big Dallas Mavericks fan and… well, the coolest person you’ll ever meet (to keep it short- I dont want to keep you reading for a long time).

I’m a med student and I’m 21.

My favorite person:

My Last.fm account.

That should be enough. See you tomorrow. Peace.

Instant Social Life: Just add one E-ticket January 26, 2007

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Since I made my last post, I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking me if I’m the one featured in the photo. I know why people have been asking about it. They’re probably where they could get it done as well. If you’re interested, I’ll do it for you for a minimal fee. Don’t worry, I use new blades all the time.

So unless you live under a rock, a hundred bloggers (a group of people with neither a social life nor social skills to have a significant voice in society. to compromise for how immaterial their thoughts are, they decided to whore their ideas and amplify them via the internet to propagate them for eternity) will be meeting each other  at Makati. Of course, the whole meet up this is very overrated. Everyone who’s going there is more interested to a) take part in the decked out raffle, b) feast on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and c) of course, see me in the flesh.

If you don’t have an invite yet, don’t bother asking for one. We don’t want you there.

Party! Party! Party! *sharp objects optional* January 20, 2007

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Is this your idea of a good time?

here’s my email.
If you enjoy self-mutilation while having My Chemical Romance or Papa Roach blaring in the background – i.e. such moments define the best times of your life, that could only mean one thing. Yes, you are a blogger. You are dissatisfied with how insignificant your voice is and you need to amplify it artificially by using the internet to fool yourself into the idea that you are indeed getting to a wider audience.

We all know why certain people blog. Just like the infamous Mikey Villar and the equally voluminous Ade Magnaye, bloggers descended from the sub-species who wish they had some kind of “claim to fame”. Unfortunately, since auditions to Pinoy Dream Academy, Pinoy Big Brother and Philippines’ Next Top Model didn’t pan out, the people who fell on the wrong side of fandom had only one course of action left – blogging.

It’s common knowledge that bloggers cut themselves whenever their number of hits dip to sub-par figures. Through an advanced formula, we can deduce that each hit lost is equal to roughly two cuts near the wrist. That’s why it pays to be rather huge as a blogger – you have more surface area to mutilate.

Yes, blogging is a joy. But wait, don’t slash your jugular just yet! Don’t you want to party first before you unleash your fountain of vitality?