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Pyro Pinon (2003-2006) January 15, 2007

Posted by benj in Medicine.

The fact that GMA 7 was showing his dream encounter with wrestler Batista couldn’t have been good news. True enough, Pyro passed away last December 27 shortly after struggling to cope with his chemotherapy. The kid has been in an uphill climb against a mediastinal germ cell tumor for over a year. His remarkable story has been chronicled by his concerned aunt and several other bloggers and yours truly. It’s a sad story, but Pyro fought hard and fought a very good fight. He pushed on with life even if the odds were against him – thanks in large part to his parents and extended family who never waned in their support.

Goodbye, Pyro. You fought well. Batista would’ve been proud.

One More Night. January 15, 2007

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Tonight, We Can Pretend January 11, 2007

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Worlds End (’99 fan)

worlds dont last, they never do.
sooner or later you will wave goodbye,
and all you will hear are the sad,
sweet, fading strains
of a sad, sweet serenade
and all you can do is walk away
from crumbling walls and
breaking ground
from traces of cigarette smoke
and fumes of caffeine.
the sun will bid adieu,
but then so will the moon,
and all you will see is a river of thinning sky.

worlds dont last,
and stars and galaxies
are transient, fleeting things
that twinkle and vanish
into cold dust.
but i can pretend.  (tonight, we can pretend)

Evil is our lair! January 7, 2007

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Worlds end…
but tonight, we can pretend.

It was amazing. Words wouldn’t do it justice.

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Tirso singing an Alice Cooper song for his wife. Happy Birthday Mrs. Ripoll! 🙂

Crowd singing along to Natutulog Kong Mundo.

Basti thanking the crowd. Why the hell is this upside down? lol

Wolfgang with Kevin Roy doing a cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs

Wolfgang doing Very Free from the Wurm album

And yes…

Wolfgang doing a NEW SONG – RP DEATH SQUAD!!!
Video credits:

Mai S. Thanks. 🙂

Just two more days… January 3, 2007

Posted by benj in Music.

Yes, that’s an authetic poster of Wolfgang‘s last studio album Black Mantra with the four signatures of the four members – *in order* Manuel Legarda, Basti Artadi, Wolf Gemora and Mon Legaspi. In my book, no local band even comes close to Wolfgang as far as the local scene is concerned. Their songs and lyrics convey imagery and emotions that could not even be pulled off by any other band.

Wolfgang and Razorback will have a reunion concert on Saturday night and words cannot explain how I excited am about this event. Tickets have already been sold out, so if you just read this now, sorry.

Evil is our lair…