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” So how old is he again?” All the while we thought he’s Peter Pan because he stayed 12 yrs. old, forever! The ORIG Webmaster and the originator of the Ruralite website, Jun-Jun has done more than enough for his batch. He has competed in numerous quiz contests particularly in History. So if you want to know something about the past, you need not consult a psychic; better yet, e-mail this dude at shell_velocity@yahoo.com. Want to know the latest in sports stuff? Hey, he’s not the Sports Editor of the Ruralite for nothing. Actually, he’s a sporty stud himself. He had joined soccer, swimming and track. Ooops, we almost forgot, he was once the tug-o’-war champ (3rd yr.) Try him in everything and you’ll get a piece of his mind. You all know that he’s very outspoken and inquisitive, but do you know that he has this talent for singing that can make our eyes water and our noses run? Yeah, one time, he sang a kundiman Bituing Marikit (Mahogany) like it was recorded or something. Then, he also reminds us of Wolfgang’s Basti—remember Atomica? Ten years from now, we’ll eventually see him either a doctor in a hospital (INTARMED β€˜to!) or a player in the PGA tour. Either way, he’ll make big bucks. With his maxim, “Life’s a beach!” most probably, he’ll get what he wants. One thing we’ll never forget about him: siya yung nakatulog nung OST ! (1st yr) In general, he only wished he were a better student.

– from the UPRHS Class of 2001 Yearbook Paragon



1. arvin - May 7, 2006

sabi ko na nga ba at ikaw din ung lateralus ng tabulas! hehe πŸ˜€

2. lateralus - May 7, 2006

weird, you know me from tabulas? astig!

ano address mo sa tabulas? nasa “friends” list ba kita nun? I stopped blogging for almost a year. wala na ko masyadong maalala sa tabulas.

3. arvin - May 8, 2006

errrr… nde ata tayo magkakilala nun, but I do remeber the username – ‘lateralus’ kasi may recall para saken. hehe πŸ˜€

~angelic_scars username ko nun hehe πŸ˜€ Hey! you’re on top 200! hehe πŸ˜› bilis ah, nakanaks baka next week nasa top 100 ka na!

4. lateralus - May 8, 2006

^onga eh. gulat ako. may number na bigla! hehe

~angelic_scars… hmmm.. tagal na nun. at ulyanin na ko. weheeheheheehe. :p

 dude, sana nababasa mo to: pano ginagawa yung "frames" ng pics sa fireworks/photoshop?yung mga pics nyo ni bikoy may parang borde. Im trying to do that pero ang jologs – im using the rectangle tool so sobrang tantsahan lang. wahahaha. pano??????? PLLLLLEEEAASEEE! haha

5. Rob - May 9, 2006

HELLO! I see you’re an atheist…
at aba si Arvin nandito din? Arvin gala ka ng gala!

6. lateralus - May 9, 2006

atheist – with anti-christian tendencies. haha

7. kevin - May 10, 2006

nakanangtuts pala tong si benj, astig! may banda! woot! haha pangarap ko rin yan! oh well, high school pa lang naman ako! up college of medicine – tibay! wala lang, nakakagulat ang profile mo. sadya kang maasenso sa buhay.

ano daw?

ayun. ayun lang. o sya. link na kita dude. \m/

8. juice - May 10, 2006

yeah i know the sale still on the 26th..arrgghh. and on june 3 ata their selling iPod Video on half price sa airport. this year’s their 25th anniversary so there’s this half-priced gadget on sale ever week! ^_^

it’s the rainy season on singapore right now, so i didn’t do sooo many shopping. and i didn’t bring my best shopping companion ever and of course my financer, my MOM! πŸ˜‰ hahah..

i’m sure ur girlfriend will have a golly time despite missing the great sale dates. πŸ˜‰

9. ghe - May 15, 2006

tsong tnx for commenting..

10. Rob - May 15, 2006

thanks benj! πŸ™‚ musta ka na nga pala?

11. lateralus - May 15, 2006

Im good. 90% ng municipality ko, wala paring kuryente. Buti nalang andun kami sa 10% na meron. hahaha

12. ghe - May 16, 2006

yeah nakapunta na ko sa Razon’s Ermita, dami nga tao!

13. mitch - May 18, 2006

ayus ang collage! ang dami niyong magpipinsan. XD well, kami rin naman. hehe. XD

14. JP - May 20, 2006

As above me, so below me– teka hermetic alchemy yan ah.
dumadaan lang hehehe

15. benj - May 21, 2006

pwede rin, but it’s actually a play on the Satanist’s version of the sign of the cross. hehehe

16. earl - May 30, 2006

you seem to be making a lot of sense with your life, good thing the circumstances allowed everything to be as such πŸ˜€

17. skwayred - May 31, 2006

I’ve also seen your tabulas blog. You’re faaip-whatever di ba, sa PEX? Ang hirap kasing basahin ng handle mo du’n. -_- Mahilig lang akong mag-lurk sa ROT at ikaw ‘yung isa sa madalas kong makita do’n. Ewan ko basta du’n ko ata nakita ‘yung blog mo dati (pati ‘yung kela micketymoc). Good luck na lang sa banda!

18. nate - June 7, 2006

what can i say? astig ka bro… you know i’m a prostrated vocalist sana may banda rin ako pero wala eh! wahaha! so wala akong masabi talaga good luck… “break a leg” sa mga performance mo..

19. Boying Cruz - June 13, 2006

Wag ka naman masyadong maprostrate..

Hi lateralus.. Buysit my blog sometime.

20. charles.lemark - June 23, 2006

hey benj… good luck our quest as PBBFG 3 big winner…

visit my blog!

21. Michael Turner - July 12, 2006


Thanks for the inclusion on your list!

Actually, there was a follow up to BATTERY. The CD is called
Divine Intervention. I moved to Hollywood and we never officially released it. It featured Jay Alviar on drums (P.O.T., Brownbear Allstars), and Glenn Cornelio on bass guitar.
Michael (BATTERY) tattooedturners@yahoo.com

22. benj - July 12, 2006

thanks man. it’s always nice to be visited by one of your rock heroes. πŸ™‚

23. pau - July 13, 2006

ei! no wonder your tabulas isn’t updated anymore. πŸ™‚ got ur link through kae’s tabby.

24. james - August 26, 2006


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25. Benj Arriola - October 20, 2006

Hi Benj, nice to know another cool Benj!

26. Richmond - November 13, 2006


27. Jim - November 13, 2006


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Would you like to review one of our games? For example, this one – http://www.wdagames.com/products.games.oldman.html

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28. gina - December 20, 2006

hi benj,

thanks for checking antons website. Funnelcake factory has 3 branches: glorietta foodchoices, festival supermall 3rd level commerce ave and bf paranaque – presidents ave. We are different from the one in MOA. HOpe you can check us out.

29. nozmail - December 22, 2006

ah, yes…

the elusive faaip de oiad. one of my most respected posters from PEx. he!!! sorry for being so nosy, i just have this “thing” for fellow TOOL and APC fans… hehe…

great blog!!! i’ll keep checking it out!!!

30. benj - December 31, 2006

how flattering, nozmail.

31. Kironobu - January 5, 2007

Hey Benj!
First time poster (I think) long time reader…
anyway ahehe patulong sa stone HAHA… I strated it a while ago but didn’t have time… ngayun lang ko sinimulan.
Oh and I found your PEx posts… it helped pero yung iba malabo pa ren…

32. Michael - January 28, 2007


Fellow atheist here.

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