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For The Weak: The Da Vinci Code Conundrum June 12, 2006

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Disclaimer: This is not about the movie. This post is a direct reaction to the christian response before the movie was released in local theaters.

Prior to the worldwide release of the movie The Da Vinci Code last month, conservative quarters from the roman catholic church went up in arms to ban the public exhibition of the movie in local theaters. As expected, I reacted with much hostility with the nosy demeanor of the christians. Alas, once again, these christians were deluded into thinking that they own the world.


The Omen June 7, 2006

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Sheer Gimmickry

Producer #1: Hey, I think we should cash in on this recent Da Vinci code shit and try reviving one of the classic horror films?

Producer #2: Yeah, dude. How about "Rosemary's Baby"? We could ask Brangelina to play the parents! That would be perfect!

Producer #1: Nah, I was on the phone with them earlier, they're still doing some Namibian loving. Oh screw it, let's just do "The Omen" instead.

Pure Evil.
Ok, one look at this kid's face doesn't quite conjure up the innate fear of most people to the macabre and the infernal, but for his limited dialogue in this film, he has definitely pulled off a cinematic feat comparable to that of of Toshio from "The Grudge".

"The Omen" is actually a remake of a movie of the same title from more than twenty years back. Thanks to the phenomenal success of "The Da Vinci Code" and an upwelling in christian mysticism and apocalypticamania currently sweeping the globe, the producers of this new version took advantage of the quirky date of June 6, 2006 as a launch date. Pretty spiffy.

I won't go into critiquing the movie bit by bit because that's not my style, but I'll delve in to the movie's biggest demerit.

To put it bluntly, the ending sucked. Sure, the Scion of Satan itself was seemingly able to orchestrate the death of three people in the movie. But…


I think the best part happened when the boy's father (adoptive father, actually – watch it) realized that it was improper to kill a little boy.

It was practically ritual sacrifice. And the men of god wanted a grown man to kill a young boy just because he is believed to be the Son of Satan.

The movie shouldve ended showing how ridiculous the premise of the "revelation" was.

storybook. 'nuff said.