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The Food Up There May 29, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

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Sagada May 27, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

Nestled in the majestic Cordillera Mountains, the sleepy mountain outpost of Sagada continues to be a conundrum. Despite not exactly being a secret a hideaway, the fifth-class municipality of less than 13,000 continues to maintain itself as a prized destination for backpackers. It has undeniably received its fair share of media exposure both locally and in foreign shores, but despite being renowned for spelunking, trekking and other nature-oriented activities, Sagada continues to be the Philippines’ answer to Shangri-La – an idyllic refuge tucked away in between the mighty monoliths of the Cordilleras.

Straight from Sagada May 23, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

Hi kids, sorry if I haven't been updating you guys. I'm enjoying this sleepy mountain town too much. I nearly fell off the ravine four times in our relatively easy trek yesterday morning – went to the Echo Valley, Underground River and the Small Falls. I jumped off the 20 foot waterfall as well and I'm not kidding, I'll post the video once I get back to manila.

Sagada's really nice. I'm staying in a 200/night room with a bathtub! 🙂 There's cellular phone signal, broadband internet and cable tv. everything is within walking distance. I'm currently waiting for my breakfast here at Yoghurt House. I've been taking tons of pictures, don't worry.

Spelunking later. Will be on the bus back to Baguio tomorrow.
Take care,


Right in Two [Part III: Atheism, dekonstrukted] May 19, 2006

Posted by benj in Philosophy & Religion.

Due to the palpable sense of confusion, bigotry and misconception by some visitors in this site, I’ve deemed it necessary to write a position paper on atheism – or whatever you think my philosophy should be called. If you feel that my atheism is not as consistent with conventional atheism, you can attribute that to the fact that I didn’t read a reference book on philosophy first prior to choosing to be an atheist. This article’s purpose is to allow those who are willing to understand have a fair access on how I see things and why I am taking a hard-line stance against christian bigots who seek to derail the flow of discussion in this site.


Right in Two [Part II: Thank your god] May 16, 2006

Posted by benj in Philosophy & Religion.

The sound was deafening.

I swear I didn’t see it coming. I’ve always looked on both sides before crossing this very intersection. I’ve done it a million times, but as I am about to know in a few moments, it only really takes one mistake to have it all crashing down. It was blunt force that overcame me.

It happened so fast.