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46 & 2 May 7, 2006

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After getting suckered into putting my NBA entries on another page, I have come to the conclusion that they still belong to this page! Haha. Why did listen to that suggestion again? Hehe.

Following the tradition I'm trying to work with here, this is my second entry with a Tool-related title. In case you haven't figured it out yet, 46 and 2 is 48 – i.e. the total number of minutes in professional league regulation game. Nifty, eh?

Even before this series started, there has already been considerable talk regarding Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. Along with LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki, the two guards were among the favorites to win this year's Most Valuable Player Award. Their styles couldn't be any more different. (more…)

The All-NBA Teams April 12, 2006

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Picking the Forwards

Picking the Guards

Filling in the All-NBA Team Ballot (Second of two parts): The Guards April 11, 2006

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kobe bryantchauncey billupstony parkerdwyane wade

After a mind-numbing marathon of forwards evaluation, we now proceed to see which among the NBA's guards has made the cut. (more…)

Filling in the All-NBA Team Ballot: The Forwards April 11, 2006

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Last season's race for the Maurice Podoloff trophy proved to be one of the most unexpected outcomes in recent sports history. Though Shaquille O'Neal was billed to be a possible Most Valuable Player candidate even before the season started following his messy falling out with the Los Angeles Lakers, the player who came in third – Dirk Nowitzki — and the eventual winner, Steve Nash were picks no one could've seen coming. (more…)