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First Podcast: Benj talks about the environment January 30, 2007

Posted by benj in blogparteeh07, debate, environment, Philosophy & Religion, podcast.

Do you care about the environment? Is hugging trees your favorite past time?

My First Podcast

Yes, its archaic. I used Sound Recorder to do this and Odeo sucks. New users are not allowed to upload podcasts on that blasted site. It’s a small .wav file (less than 500kb) and it will run on your Windows Media Player.

Please listen to this one and tell me what you think.

Leave a message if you intend to JOIN THE CRUSADE!

note: I dont have a lisp. I blame my cheap 80 peso microphone for that. haha


1. Shari - January 30, 2007

Errr, you can embed it to your entry, for one. =)

Haha, nice podcast. Natawa ako. Akala ko may multo. :p

2. Jhed - January 31, 2007

Where do I sign up? LOL

3. geexie - January 31, 2007

haha! it made me laugh! panalo!

anyway, goodluck sa crusade…

4. Basang Panaginip - February 1, 2007

hahaha! I can’t stop laughing.

5. billycoy - February 1, 2007

I do agree with that… but wait animals have feelings too… now what will I eat… water have bacteria and bacteria is a living creature, it has feelings as well… now we can’t eat or drink. DIE HUMAN RACE!!!

buti na lang hindi ako tao!

6. Darwin - February 1, 2007

I like the tagline, it sounds very inciting. Hehehe. Will the depletion of chocolates follow on the destruction of mother nature?

7. ganns - February 1, 2007

There go five minutes of my life. *sigh* I don’t know why I bother.

Rise, all you monions (I guess those would be minion-onions) and follow your overgourd, Benj!

8. benj - February 1, 2007

Darwin: You havent listened to my podcast yet? The image has nothing to do with the audio recording, hahaha.

ganns: it’s my pleasure to waste five minutes of your life (that you’re never going to get back.

Stand up for the rights of those who have been muted!

9. ade - February 1, 2007

You can upload to Odeo! It’s buried somwhere in the site though.

10. benj - February 1, 2007

Ade: Old users could use http://studio.odeo.com for that.

—2.9. Why Can’t I find Upload in Odeo Studio?

Upload is not available for everyone; if you don’t see the upload link in Odeo Studio it is because:

1) You have not uploaded to Odeo before.

In order to best serve our active podcasters, we’ve disabled uploading for new users (or old users new to uploading) for now. We encourage you to look at some of the alternative services for hosting your podcasts.


2) Your account was flagged for review for copyright violations.

If you’re not aware: you’re not allowed to upload songs or other recorded material created by others. In fact, the record companies get very upset about that sort of thing.

If you believe we have reached either of these conclusions by mistake, please contact us and let us know. We apologize for the inconvenience.



11. matsocampo - February 1, 2007

That sure cracked me up! *lmao*
You don’t eat vegetables nga pala…
Oh well…

12. Heneroso - February 2, 2007

Save the vegetables! ayus ang podcast! hihihi

13. ronnie - February 2, 2007

You have a lisp. Seriously.

14. ronnie - February 2, 2007

Yes you do (dahil binura mo ang blog ko sa blogroll mo), hehehe.

Pero seriously, meron, it’s not *that* prominent, but not forgettable either, haha.

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