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Posted by benj in Shameful things.
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LIES AND TRUTHS: EXPOSED! October 22, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

Truth and Lies [Part I]

This post has suddenly become a very popular for some reason. It’s sort of odd that a “tag” will get this much attention. Hopefully this would translate to more comments and readership for my other posts – most notably my more spirited and evocative articles.

I’ve already revealed one bug about the 15 statements. In the first post, I told you guys that I put 5 lies into the mix. On a gross oversight, I had inadvertently put six lies instead of five. At least this sort of makes it easier for everyone to get something right. 🙂

To make it even easier for other people wanting to pitch in their guesses, I will eliminate THREE true statements. This will leave a 1:1 ratio between lies and truths and hopefully, that will help you discern the veracity of the statements better. (more…)

Unoriginality: Truths and Lies October 16, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

I got this idea from ajaw and fallencritic. Basically, I’ll list down 15 statements and you’ll have to guess which five statements are purely made up. Ready? Good luck.

Let’s begin.


For those glued to PBBFG3 July 30, 2006

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Is someone playing a trick on me? July 28, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

Is this for real? No one can be this retarded, right?