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For The Weak: The Da Vinci Code Conundrum June 12, 2006

Posted by benj in Movies, Philosophy & Religion.

Disclaimer: This is not about the movie. This post is a direct reaction to the christian response before the movie was released in local theaters.

Prior to the worldwide release of the movie The Da Vinci Code last month, conservative quarters from the roman catholic church went up in arms to ban the public exhibition of the movie in local theaters. As expected, I reacted with much hostility with the nosy demeanor of the christians. Alas, once again, these christians were deluded into thinking that they own the world.

Surprisingly, the protest actions by right-wing catholics was also greeted by harsh criticism by some christians who claimed that the protesters were taking things out of context. They asserted the fact that Dan Brown's best-selling novel was nothing but a work of fiction and shouldn't be taken as gospel truth (pun intended). For a while there, I actually thought the forces of reason were definitely at work.

And then, a badly written message on a protester's plackard hit me.

<b>Fiction or not, it is still BLASPHEMY.</b>


Whether the book had claimed to be based on actual events or otherwise is immaterial. Brown actually treads the very fine line between claiming that contents of the book are accurate. He explicitly stated that much of the concepts used in the book were consistent with various accounts of chroniclers and historians. He straddled the line with the way he wrote the book, but for posterity's sake, he took the easy way out by saying that the book was a work of fiction.

But should his excuse of the book being fiction be enough of a reason to give him leeway in overruling the very dogma of the roman catholic church? how does on reconcile this? the church has made mistake after mistake at it goes back to a really long time ago – including the one wherein the church excommunicated Galileo Galeli for believing that the earth was not the center of the solar system.

The church has made numerous dumb-assed miscues, and still, the majority of christians still follow them.

The church has made an unfathomable number of exagerrated and inappropriate reactions to certain situations and yet, the faithful still subscribe to them.

Now, a book and movie (that's supposedly the work of the Devil) is out to destroy and confuse catholics into believing false teachings.


The 'faithful' mocks the church, but continues to go to their masses anyway.

Is it me or is there a bit of hypocrisy being bread in this setup?

I understand the church position in this issue. Whether or not a piece of literature considers itself to be fiction or non-fiction, if it has the potential to cause damage to the congregation and the greater body of dogma that the religion adheres to, it has to "fight" to uphold the integrity of the theology itself.

It doesn't matter if it's true or not.

A few years back, I remember an e-mail being forwarded about a new movie that was supposed to portray jesus your christ as a homosexual. it was such an e-mail forwarding phenomenon that i got more than a dozen times in my mailbox.

Guess what, that representation was also fiction. Yet, I didnt hear people reason out that way back then.

Kids, the church is an incompetent bunch of senile men with an obsolete sense of reality. Some of you seem to be progressive enough to realize this. Why do you continue to tie yourself up with the backward, rigid and dictatorial nature of the roman catholic church?

If you want to pursue your faith in your savior, why don't you take charge of your own philosophy and abandon the congregation that shame you by association?

side note:

The "movie" in question is Corpus Christi. Go here for more details



1. cyberpunk - June 12, 2006

right after watching da vinci, while the trailer of The Omen was being shown, i overheard someone say “yan ang dapat i-ban!”

hehe, looking back..he was right in a teeny-weeny way… after all, in The Omen, where was THEIR god? he was obviously absent. he even allowed that priest to die right outside the church…i was highly amused in the scene where the priest was running for his life and banging on the doors of the church that didn’t open up for him… classic!

2. mico - June 15, 2006

truly a topic i quite can relate to. but, sadly. my non complex brain could not exactly keep up with some of the words used. hehe. but i did understand the topic and i would say, that i agree with you in that.

3. benj - June 16, 2006

no need to be too humble man. 😉

4. rex - June 16, 2006

“If you want to pursue your faith in your savior, why don’t you take charge of your own philosophy and abandon the congregation that shame you by association?”

— Amen. Btw. We(Evangelicals) are divided regarding this(nanaman? sanayan lang yan hehe) about this topic. Some churches say its okay, others don’t. =)

5. benj - June 16, 2006

why have a congregation then? every issue, every decision is a potential crossroad. why is there a need to “congregate”?

6. rex - June 16, 2006

Well, suprise me, regarding your Family, do you guys AGREE on ALL things?

Your still a Family right?
Its that simple doc.

7. benj - June 16, 2006

hmmm. ok, if you say so.

8. Christela - June 16, 2006

i soooo agree…

here’s my point of view:


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