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Instant Social Life: Just add one E-ticket January 26, 2007

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Since I made my last post, I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking me if I’m the one featured in the photo. I know why people have been asking about it. They’re probably where they could get it done as well. If you’re interested, I’ll do it for you for a minimal fee. Don’t worry, I use new blades all the time.

So unless you live under a rock, a hundred bloggers (a group of people with neither a social life nor social skills to have a significant voice in society. to compromise for how immaterial their thoughts are, they decided to whore their ideas and amplify them via the internet to propagate them for eternity) will be meeting each other  at Makati. Of course, the whole meet up this is very overrated. Everyone who’s going there is more interested to a) take part in the decked out raffle, b) feast on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and c) of course, see me in the flesh.

If you don’t have an invite yet, don’t bother asking for one. We don’t want you there.


Party! Party! Party! *sharp objects optional* January 20, 2007

Posted by benj in blogparteeh07.

Is this your idea of a good time?

here’s my email.
If you enjoy self-mutilation while having My Chemical Romance or Papa Roach blaring in the background – i.e. such moments define the best times of your life, that could only mean one thing. Yes, you are a blogger. You are dissatisfied with how insignificant your voice is and you need to amplify it artificially by using the internet to fool yourself into the idea that you are indeed getting to a wider audience.

We all know why certain people blog. Just like the infamous Mikey Villar and the equally voluminous Ade Magnaye, bloggers descended from the sub-species who wish they had some kind of “claim to fame”. Unfortunately, since auditions to Pinoy Dream Academy, Pinoy Big Brother and Philippines’ Next Top Model didn’t pan out, the people who fell on the wrong side of fandom had only one course of action left – blogging.

It’s common knowledge that bloggers cut themselves whenever their number of hits dip to sub-par figures. Through an advanced formula, we can deduce that each hit lost is equal to roughly two cuts near the wrist. That’s why it pays to be rather huge as a blogger – you have more surface area to mutilate.

Yes, blogging is a joy. But wait, don’t slash your jugular just yet! Don’t you want to party first before you unleash your fountain of vitality?


Pyro Pinon (2003-2006) January 15, 2007

Posted by benj in Medicine.

The fact that GMA 7 was showing his dream encounter with wrestler Batista couldn’t have been good news. True enough, Pyro passed away last December 27 shortly after struggling to cope with his chemotherapy. The kid has been in an uphill climb against a mediastinal germ cell tumor for over a year. His remarkable story has been chronicled by his concerned aunt and several other bloggers and yours truly. It’s a sad story, but Pyro fought hard and fought a very good fight. He pushed on with life even if the odds were against him – thanks in large part to his parents and extended family who never waned in their support.

Goodbye, Pyro. You fought well. Batista would’ve been proud.

One More Night. January 15, 2007

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Tonight, We Can Pretend January 11, 2007

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Worlds End (’99 fan)

worlds dont last, they never do.
sooner or later you will wave goodbye,
and all you will hear are the sad,
sweet, fading strains
of a sad, sweet serenade
and all you can do is walk away
from crumbling walls and
breaking ground
from traces of cigarette smoke
and fumes of caffeine.
the sun will bid adieu,
but then so will the moon,
and all you will see is a river of thinning sky.

worlds dont last,
and stars and galaxies
are transient, fleeting things
that twinkle and vanish
into cold dust.
but i can pretend.  (tonight, we can pretend)