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Deen’s Delusions January 26, 2007

Posted by benj in blogparteeh07, Humor.

I’m flabbergasted at how absorbed Ganns Deen is on the premise of meeting me for tomorrow’s party. To those familiar with Pinoyexchange, just think of one moderator who berates users who dish out vitriol. Honestly, I’ve never used the word vitriol outside of chemistry class.

Anyway, if you’ll go to his site, you’ll see the kilometric babble on how tomorrow’s meeting would probably be an explosive affair. Yadda Yadda. Of course, just like any Atenean, he’s expecting that he would be the most important person in the party and everything will revolve around his presence. Come on, he’s not even sure if I’m going to give him five seconds tomorrow. Well, at least he’ll find out for himself tomorrow.

So there, bring it, Ganns Deen. Whatever happens, I’ll be expecting an apology from you.

If you’re reading this website now, it’s probably because you’re invited to the party as well. To make it easier for you I’ll post a quick me-me. haha

This is a fleeting shot of me during one of gigs late last year. If you’re an average reasonable person, you would come to the conclusion that I’m in a band. That would be partly correct because I’m in two bands – a hard rock unit called Implement Project and an atheist acoustic duo Pariah. I’m a retired collegiate debater, big Dallas Mavericks fan and… well, the coolest person you’ll ever meet (to keep it short- I dont want to keep you reading for a long time).

I’m a med student and I’m 21.

My favorite person:

My Last.fm account.

That should be enough. See you tomorrow. Peace.


1. Nina - January 26, 2007

if i was in manila, i`d definitely attend this party.. it sounds so much fun. i just hope the party meet everyone’s expectations. cuz almost all the time, when you expect something nice to happen, or once you expect too much, it fails you. then again, i really hope you guys have fun. i`ll stop now, i d0nt want to jinx you guys. have fun! don`t get too drunk. 😉

2. ganns - January 27, 2007

[Repost from my reply on my Comments page]

Oh, Benj! LOL I can throw sarcasm around, too.

“Now, who are you calling common, you self-indulgent, self-absorbed non-professional?!” is a quote from “It’s All Over,” a song on the “Dreamgirls” soundtrack. It’s sang by Beyonce Knowles when she kicks out Effie White from their group. 😉 Just indulging my inner music buff. Can’t expect you to know that – you’d be caught dead before listening to any Broadway OST. 😀

I am neither important nor self-deluded. Like you, I am an attention whore at heart, and, well, tadah.

Hey, I take pride in my askal education. I went to La Salle, Ateneo and UP. UST na lang, complete na. Hehehe.

I’m sorry if you took anything I posted here seriously. [There’s that apology you wanted.] I am looking forward to meeting you MOST OF ALL. Shall we slap each other on the back? Shall we give each other looks from a B-movie-type karate flick? Just don’t fling any razors at me; the last sharp object that touched my skin gave me my atheist-type ankh tattoo.

See you later, online acquaintance! 😉

3. REX - January 27, 2007

hahaha! so nagkita nga kayo? kwento naman diyan, hehehe!

4. benj - January 27, 2007

Ganns was exactly as I have expected him to be.

5. Jhed - January 27, 2007

That must have been fun. LOL.

Hey, new link. Please update. Thanks!

6. Heneroso - January 27, 2007

yahooo!!!!! ansaya ng party noh!? whahaha nde kita masyado naka “interact” ehehe

7. Jonas - January 27, 2007

Jonas here! It was great meeting you guys yesterday. 🙂

8. ganns - January 27, 2007

Benj was NOTHING like I expected him to be.

9. ianuarius - January 28, 2007

Im sorry I wasnt able to come besides not recieving my invites i was busy slashing my wrist lolz

you and ganns uuuuhhhhh ……..

10. bokbok - January 28, 2007

nakita ko na pic nyo ni ganns, gwapings naman pala eh

11. Darwin - January 28, 2007

I saw you at the blog parteeh! hehe, I didn’t quite notice any form of hostility though between you and ganns.

12. benj - January 28, 2007

bokbok wrote:

nakita ko na pic nyo ni ganns, gwapings naman pala eh

whoever gave you the impression that I wasn’t? :p

13. Miguel - January 28, 2007

ikaw pala si faaip de oiad! haha yes I remember, you were/are the metalhead right?

my PEx nick was zimdude.

14. jaywalker - January 28, 2007

who’s gans? What’s his username in pex

15. benj - January 28, 2007

Ganns is Mister Deen. 🙂

I was calling him Mister Deen during the party – as well as my friend who came with me. hahaha

16. ganns - January 28, 2007

That’s Mister Dean to you, faaip.

Did you just out yourself? Why would want people to associate that face with the voice of god?

17. ganns - January 28, 2007

Didn’t put a smiley on that previous comment; no offense meant. 😉

Anyway, now that the BlogParteeh is over and I’ve had my fun, I guess I’ll just slink back into my cave until the next shebang you join, where I will probably – like always, actually – support you until you either win or are booted out for, well, being you.

Keep up that sardonic, sarcastic, vitriol-spewing persona, Benj. It’s refreshing, just like that wine that you, unfortunately, won’t be able to enjoy. 😉

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