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Evil is our lair! January 7, 2007

Posted by benj in Friends, Music.

Worlds end…
but tonight, we can pretend.

It was amazing. Words wouldn’t do it justice.

photo credit


Tirso singing an Alice Cooper song for his wife. Happy Birthday Mrs. Ripoll! 🙂

Crowd singing along to Natutulog Kong Mundo.

Basti thanking the crowd. Why the hell is this upside down? lol

Wolfgang with Kevin Roy doing a cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs

Wolfgang doing Very Free from the Wurm album

And yes…

Wolfgang doing a NEW SONG – RP DEATH SQUAD!!!
Video credits:

Mai S. Thanks. 🙂


1. bartz - January 8, 2007

panalo, dude! more!

“worlds end.. but tonight we can pretend..” T_T

2. stringcaster - January 8, 2007

Hey, man! \m/ Just wanted to ask if you can give me the downlink of this ‘big surprise’ video… Can you please uplaod it via http://www.yousendit.com? Thanks.

3. wulbsgangs - January 8, 2007

nice capture of the new song dude… this one’s really heavy man! and yes, i want them to write more! \m/

4. stringcaster - January 8, 2007

^ Uhuh. I didn’t quite get to comment on the way he captured the clip. It was one great cap. \m/ Good work, man. \m/

5. mai s. - January 8, 2007

Inupload rin pala niya iyung video niya nung kumanta si Tirso ng love song para sa asawa niya nung 10-minute break 😀

6. benj - January 8, 2007

mai s. hindi ko alam kung pano iccredit yung video. baka ayaw mo kasi ipalagay pangalan mo dito eh. hehe

7. wulbsgangs - January 8, 2007

The love song that Tirso sang is called “I’ll never cry” by Alice Cooper

8. mai s. - January 8, 2007

@ benj – ok lang 😀 dapat nga pangalan nung kumuha iyung ilagay diba, pero sinabi ko na lang sa kanya, ok naman sa kanya. malakas ako dun e 😀

Mukhang may magu-upload ng maganda-gandang video doon sa groups a…

@wulbsgangs – hindi ko alam iyung song, chorus lang iyung familiar sa akin. Pero ang sweet diba XD

9. Richmond - January 8, 2007

Upgraded ba yung CSS mo?

10. benj - January 8, 2007

um no. is that a bad thing? hehe

11. wulbsgangs - January 15, 2007

@mai s. – no problem. its title actually is “I never cry”. my bad. yup, sweet song for the girls. favorite talaga ni kev and tirso yan tipong kanta nila after set break. another sweet song that they are playing is “jealous guy” by john lennon. 🙂

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