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Just two more days… January 3, 2007

Posted by benj in Music.

Yes, that’s an authetic poster of Wolfgang‘s last studio album Black Mantra with the four signatures of the four members – *in order* Manuel Legarda, Basti Artadi, Wolf Gemora and Mon Legaspi. In my book, no local band even comes close to Wolfgang as far as the local scene is concerned. Their songs and lyrics convey imagery and emotions that could not even be pulled off by any other band.

Wolfgang and Razorback will have a reunion concert on Saturday night and words cannot explain how I excited am about this event. Tickets have already been sold out, so if you just read this now, sorry.

Evil is our lair…



1. Xtina - January 3, 2007


2. utakgago - January 4, 2007

One thing – I love that art. Heck, I even thought it’s an ambigram. Hehe.

3. Richmond - January 6, 2007

Yeah nabalitaan ko nga to sa radyo…

4. justin - January 17, 2007

20k for the poster

5. benj - January 17, 2007

i’d like to keep it.
sorry man.

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