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The Thirty First, the First and the Second January 2, 2007

Posted by benj in Family.

The Thirty First

I spent New Year’s Eve with my Mom’s side of the family. A strong flare is captured by my camera  as  a flashy  torch  reveals its eerie glow. I was really ticked off with all the noise that night and I didn’t really take that many pictures. I’ll try to see if my cousins better shots than I did. hehe

Again, for the sake of redundancy – my younger brother and I posing for posterity during the first few seconds of 2007.

The First

Just  like last year, we went to our cousins from the other side of the family to join in the annual family reunion. There were less people compared to last year but it was still a pretty fun gathering. The food was great and I totally rocked the house down when I was asked to sing on the videoke (read: Plush by STP). 

There is one tradition that just wouldn’t go away. Every year, the elders would go up to the second level (in this case on a catwalk about 18 feet above the ground) to let go of crisp paper bills. And I mean crisp! These bills are the type that take forever before they make it to the ground. Obviously, tall people like myself have an advantage but it gets really physical. That white tarp was totally mutilated. The bills used were 20s and 50s. I managed to get a cool 400+ and a couple of bruises as I reached out for the fluttering bank notes.


The Second


Following the annual reunion is the annual cousin’s day out. The pics were better last year – we even coughed up a studio pic. oh well, changing times.




1. kae - January 3, 2007

hey benj. happy new year2

2. utakGAGO - January 3, 2007

Me can’t get it. What’s ’31st, 1st, and 2nd?’

Anyway, good thing may ‘tradition’ pa kayo. May mga reunion, may outing. Hehe, sa panahon kasi ngayon, iilan na lang ang pamilyang buo.


i get it – december 31, january 1 and 2. hehe, sensya kagigising ko pa lang.

3. aajao - January 3, 2007

happy new year to you mr.


4. ralph - January 3, 2007

Happy New Year! =)

5. ade - January 3, 2007

Happy new year! Again!

6. bikoy - January 3, 2007

lol @ the money shower. i can imagine. pila-pila pa nga lang ng aginaldo, nagkakagulo na, isaboy pa kaya yung pera. hahaha!

7. benj - January 3, 2007

yup, i got a few elbows to the gut. kawawa yung mga bata. its very dangerous to jump for the bills – itutulak ka parin ng iba para lang hindi ikaw yung makakuha.

8. Jhed - January 6, 2007


Very neat. Sana ganyan din kami ka-close ng mga pinsan ko. Dati, oo. Nung kami ay bata pa at naglalaro ng Power Rangers. Ngayon, we all have our own lives. But we still get together sometimes, but it’s not like before.

9. Earl - January 6, 2007

Happy 3 kings!

10. benj - January 7, 2007

come on, earl. tsk. it’s not funny dude.

jhed: di kami close. once a year lang yan. hehe

11. Earl - January 8, 2007

i swear, no pun intended on that greeting. sige, belated happy new year na lang po.

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