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For the Stoners: Yes, it’s possible. November 28, 2006

Posted by benj in geek, puzzles.

disclaimer: this profile is not mine. I know of two people who have completed the puzzles and succesfully beaten the ENIGMA. I guess this should inspire us that it IS possible. I think I was among the first Pinoys to step into The Stone and I actually nudged these to people when they were new to it. But alas, they made me eat their dust. hehe

If you want more nudges go here.


1. ade - November 29, 2006


2. benj - November 29, 2006

Jeez man. I suggest you try the site out so that you won’t be giving me these irritating one word comments. I suckered MIkey into trying this one out last year. He lost 3/4 of his brain cells in the process.

3. Jhed - November 29, 2006

From what planet did he came from? Haha. I can’t even answer Exhausted which I think is so simple, but alas! I can’t figure it out. Haha! 😛

4. benj - November 29, 2006

Exhausted is the one with the engine like thingie, right? that’s easy. go for it. hehe

5. ie - November 30, 2006

i tried the samplers, and decided it’s not for me. this thing is hard man.

6. utakgago - December 3, 2006

Well, that thing worked for me. It’s a bit hard, but it challenges my brain. Matagal na rin kasing hindi nagagamit ang utak ko, sayang – matalino pa mandin.

🙂 Now, I envy his hardwork.

Di bale, kakayanin natin yan! 😛

7. Kironobu - December 16, 2006

Di ko mashado napagpatuloy ang stone…
busy ng konte kase at exams…
nakakasakit din ng ulo at dugo ng ilong ahehehehehe
pero ayus lang!

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