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The Stone November 26, 2006

Posted by benj in puzzles.

This is The Stone. It is the single most mysterious and addicting entity in the universe. There is nothing like it. It is a collection of puzzles of varying difficulty. Some of them could pique your interest in certain phenomena while some would question how come you don’t know the interesting things that The Stone holds secret.

This is The Immediate. In the Stone Galaxy, The Immediate is the home of the main puzzles that was created by the Stone Keepers themselves. This part of the site contains over 200 puzzles. Some puzzles are so easy that it would only take minutes or even seconds to decipher. And of course, there are also nasty ones that demand months or even years. The interesting thing is that some of those seemingly hard puzzles could be an easy puzzle to someone else. That’s why the spirit of community is strong in the The Stone. The more accomplished puzzle solvers also take time to give hints (i.e. “nudge” – Stone jargon) the newbies during their first few steps.

To answer puzzles, one must use all available leads in the puzzle page itself. Sometimes, the question is more important than the answer. The puzzles are very visual so most of the time, there is hardly any hint of an explicit question.

Unfortunately, free sign ups for The Stone has been closed for quite some time now. There’s one way to go around it, but you’ll need my help to get in. If you’re certain you want to delve into this addiction, drop me a line. If you’re just feeling this one out first, try solving the free puzzles at The Unknown. You won’t need to register to try out these little buggers. If you can solve these puzzles (and enjoyed in the process), I strongly suggest that you try signing up.

What does a puzzle in the Immediate look like? Look at the image above. Do you think you can tackle this one? The puzzles require different maneuvers. Sometimes, research may be necessary to expose the answer. In some instances, wit and common sense may be enough. In a few cases (pun intended), The Stone calls for putting together a puzzle, solving a combination or completing a sentence.

Knowing when to do what is what makes The Stone such a challenge.


 I think have reason to believe that I caused a mini boom in the number of Stone fanatics here in thePhilippines. I signed up on the site after seeing the game published on Inquest (a magazine that caters to Magic: The Gathering and similar games). I told this to my brother and he told his entire block. In a few weeks time, all of them be obsessed over the secrets of The Stone and what it takes to reveal them.

Most Stoners lie low after a while of fruitless pursuit. I stopped solving for six months. And I’m slowly getting back into the groove. I solved 22 puzzles in the past week. I’m now at 109 puzzles and counting.
I hope you’ll check it out. Don’t blame me if and when you get addicted.


1. ade - November 27, 2006


2. benj - November 27, 2006

seriously, that’s the best comment you can come up with? hehe

3. Pau - November 27, 2006

I will solve the shit out of that puzzle later.

4. utakGAGO - November 27, 2006

No, I’m not blaming you.

Alam mo bang kanina, hindi na ako nakasabay sa service ko dahil sinosolve ko yung Manifesto.


So adik na nga ako. tsk.

But still, I’m not blaming you. I’m actually thanking you for introducing me this mystery game that allows me to explore the depths of my… geekdom!! hehehe.

5. Marco, the site guy - November 27, 2006

How do I get in for free?? Shall I sell my soul to you Benj in exchange for free access?

6. 30 Minutes of Misadventure and Kissing. « utakGAGO - November 27, 2006

[…] I’ve waited for thirty minutes infront of a certain bakery in Bocaue just to wait for my service ride. First, I told myself not to go with the ‘First Trip’ of my service ride since I am enjoying the mystery game I mentioned before. (I refer this site to explain the mystery game.) Yes, I am addicted to it like a street child sniffing rugby. Early in the morning, I’d go searching clues and nudges and solve a puzzle. […]

7. Jhed - November 27, 2006

The Stone makes me feel stupid. But I still love it! Haha.

8. benj - November 27, 2006

Marco: check your inbox.

9. zord - November 30, 2006

i think i wanna try

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