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Pariah November 25, 2006

Posted by benj in Music.

First of all, I would like to apologize for my inability to consistently update this blog over the past few weeks. My last post wasn’t  even a real post and I know you missed me. I’m really sorry for making all of you miss me and feel like I’ve disenfranchised you from a shot at enlightenment.

Pariah is:

Benj Espina – vocals, lyrics

Emil Pugoy – guitars

Now that’s out of the way, I would like to spend this poignant moment to share the products of the Pariah experiments  (circa 2002-2004). Pariah features my strongest work as a collaborator in songwriter and lyricist and though I take pride in the quality (heck, even the quantity) of our work, it still pains me that we have yet to record this in a way that would do justice to the songs that we borne out of late nights by the pool.

The songwriting process for this band just felt so right. Nothing ever felt forced. It was a fluid exercise that willed its way across the musical directions. It was just perfect. We shared are music to small group of people and the feedback was very encouraging. Sadly, we never had any follow through to this and despite our denial, Pariah as a project is virtually dead.

In it’s short existence, Pariah churned out (what the two members would like to call as) 2 albums.

The MP3s are HERE

Songs by order of composition

1 Pariah  – Pariah started it all. The riff has been playing around Emil’s head for weeks and I stepped in with a pre-written set of lyrics. With a little tweaking, a song was conceived through a few compromises and minor debates on song structure.

2 EffervesenceAmong all the Pariah songs, I think this stands out as the weirdest. Hands-down. It’s so weird it’s hard to explain. I don’t particularly like it but it’s so out of place that it becomes very notable.

3 Isang Daan With the who song-writing frenzy kicking into full gear, I sang into a tape recorder during a trip from Manila to my place in Batangas. A few hours later, Emil put appropriate riffs in and viola, a track that reeks of Wolfgang was born.

4 Quiet Hill – This song started out as a joke and now, it’s our most downloaded song. Aurally, it is surreal. I was thinking what it would be like to be a zombie in the game Silent Hill. It sounds really retarded if you read the explanation, but if you hear the music, I think it sells. It’s a bit creepy and haunting too.

Godless – We are both atheists and this easily OUR favorite song.

— to be continued—

please listen to the mp3s and leave your comments here. thanks

my band implement project played 2 nights ago and we got to play on the same stage as KJWAN and Dicta License.



1. utakGAGO - November 26, 2006

i’ve heard your voice in your implement project site. astigin!

well, maswerte ka dahil may oras ka for your bands. eh ako, wala na. tigang na nga eh.

yun lang. 😛 thanks for referring me the ‘Stone’. haha. kaadik.

2. Jhed - November 26, 2006

The Stone kills me to death! But it’s addicting, so thanks!

Unfortunately for me, I can’t download your mp3s here in the office. So, I will listen to them once I have the time.

KJWAN and Dicta License?! Wala bang pictures? Those are two of my fave local bands.

3. benj - November 26, 2006

unfortunately, I dont. haha. i got to talk to Kelley and Jorel though. Ill post something about the stone in a bit.

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