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5 Takes’ new Travel Journalists October 29, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

If you remember, I sent my video to Discovery Travel and Living as part of my quest to be a 5Takes TJ. Well, that didn’t exactly pan out. Hehehe. Apparently, the network was casting for 5Takes: USA. They only searched in Southeast Asia (including Australia) and the cuts were made at Singapore were the 36 Finalists convened.

Here are the guys who made it.

Bevis is from Taiwan. He doesn’t exactly speak English that well.
Jaime‘s video was among the strongest I’ve seen. And come on, how can you deny that face? She’s from Singapore.
Lena‘s from Indonesia.

Tim is the Australian in the bunch.

And yup, ZACH is Filipino. Dammit, I’ll get you next time. Lololol. Seriously dude, congrats. How much cooler can he get? He’s a freakin’ comic book artist. *bows down* Stay safe.
These five will be traveling around the US while depending on people on the show’s message boards for their itinerary. 🙂

For more information, go here.


1. ade - October 29, 2006

Somebody (YOU) is bitter.

2. benj - October 29, 2006

Me? No way. I am totally not what they’re looking for. The guy they took was a holier-than-thy artist. The only thing we have in common is the fact that we were born on the Year of the Ox (i.e. 12 years apart. hehe)

3. utakGAGO - October 29, 2006

Well, Benj. I watch 5 takes and I’m a fan.

Wala lang. Hehe. Better luck next time na lang. The good thing here is that – you tried.


4. helga - October 29, 2006

Eew@Bevis. Yeahok, I’m shallow like that. I judge people by their faces.

5. helga - October 29, 2006

On Tim: how much more Australian can your features get???

Lucky people.

6. cigarette_girl - October 30, 2006

tim looks gorgeous. hahaha!

7. benj - October 30, 2006

helga: he doesn’t exactly speak english well and he looks err… like that. Why was he casted again? hehe.

Re: Tim: At least there are no surfboards and kangaroos around him.

8. Mimay - October 30, 2006

Very deserving five people! Perfect for the show.

9. trench - October 30, 2006

better luck next time.. Just feel good that you tried!

10. bleue - October 30, 2006

hakhak! sayang tsong! eh di dapat pinapanood na kita! lolz! enwei, anong channel at sked nyang 5 Takes, sorry di na ako updated sa TV ngayon dahil feeling busy, hehhee

btw, madami talaga kaartehan sa i.ph, pero nasanay na lang ako. amf!

feeling busy talaga kaya di ako makatambay sa blogosphere! hekhek!

11. benj - October 30, 2006

bleue: it’s on Discovery Travel and Living. I don’t remember what time.

12. bleue - October 30, 2006

mukhang walang ganun yung cable namin, lolz! amf! hay, pa-upgrade na nga ako sa Sky Platinum, may free broadband pa! i visited the 5Takes site, kewl! ang pretty ni Jaime! hakhak!

13. benj - October 30, 2006

Bevis… Kapatid ni Bathead? bwahahahahaha.


14. peterganzon - October 30, 2006

ok lang yan. may next time pa naman..

15. jaywalker - October 31, 2006

“helga: he doesn’t exactly speak english well and he looks err… like that. Why was he casted again? hehe.”

They just want a whitish type of guy in the show. If I knew that, I would’ve joined

16. Talamasca - October 31, 2006

Nifty. I love travel shows!

Too bad you didn’t make it. Better luck next time. *virtual pat on the back*

Wait a minute! I’ve seen that Zach guy before. He looks familiar. Dammit I can’t remember where I first saw the dude! Pffft.

17. benj - October 31, 2006

Talamasca: Yeah, he looks quite familiar – he probably looks like one of the techie show hosts of the past. I dunno.


Im being attacked by anonymous commenters again. Lol. They have the nerve to use other people’s identities. hehe

18. utakgago - October 31, 2006

benj – na-check ko na yung IP address. (two days ago pa) at walang nagmamatch.

ano ba ang solusyon dyan! i don’t want to point to anyone. wala namang ebidensya.

i’m clueless. at dun sa gumagamit ng identity ko – iisa lang ang IP address na ginagamit ko. i never use other computers, kaya manigas ka jan.

(haha nang-away).

wala lang. paumanhin ha. 🙂

19. benj - October 31, 2006

wehehe. baka sya rin nanggugulo sayo. I guess I’ve made it as a blogger now. May haters na ko! Oh so flattering. hehe

20. Jhed - October 31, 2006

Well, at least you tried. 😉

21. Jhed - October 31, 2006

Oh, and Bevis looks like crap. Seriously.

22. benj - November 1, 2006

Jhed and Helga: Very superficial, yet very honest and objective. I love my readers. hehehe

23. mitch - November 1, 2006

Travel Journalists, huh? Very, very interesting. I wished we had that kind of journalism subject back in college.

You can have your shot next time. 😉 hehe!

24. REX - November 2, 2006

haha! tama si Helga. Tim looks like Dr Chase on HOUSE MD, who was also an Aussie, hehe. Yun agad napansin ko actually, until i read that he’s Australian.

itsura pa lang, i could already imagine his ‘sophisticated, thickly accented’ English.

25. Alvin - November 18, 2006

i actually thought your video was ok (except you could see the camera man in some shots hehe)

Jamie is cute, Lena’s not bad too. The 5 are a pretty good combination actually. I think they got Bevis for “diversity” :))

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