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Atheism In The Philippines October 25, 2006

Posted by benj in Philosophy & Religion.


It’s quite unfortunate that despite the Philippines’ status as a melting pot of cultures and races, the country still stays very traditional and retarded in its acceptance of more liberal ideology. Atheism is not even a new school of thought, but to this day, Atheism has still yet to penetrate mainstream media and if you meet someone out on the street today, there’s a very strong possibility that that person wouldn’t even know what Atheism is.


Just like what I said here and the rest of the articles on this category, it is really appalling that Philippine Society in general is hard in the clutches of the inescapble talons of the roman catholic church. For some reason, despite what I would consider as considerable intellectual prowess of most citizens, people still continue to think that Catholicism is the default ideology and religion. I would really want to regress and just see how the church was able to turn the tables around and give the onus of proof the other side of the house – that side being one that holds logic, justice and autonomy. Now, it’s a totally different scenario. We see that people have embraced an ideology that was actually FORCED upon the early Filipinos and now, they’re so confident about the veracity of these lies they wouldn’t even dare question them.


It’s but sad – no, revolting — that Atheism is still being misunderstood and misinterpreted.


Let’s run down the ways how Atheists are discriminated against and misunderstood in this country:


In the Philippines, non-belief is immediately labeled as Satanism and Anti-Christianity. In a totally logical and tolerant society, any ideology that doesn’t directly interfere with the daily living of other individuals should be tolerated and respected both by the people and the law of the land. In this country, it simply doesn’t happen. You’re just labeled as one of the people who fell off the wagon and just treated like every outcast this side of Southeast Asia.


Atheism is also being misinterpreted as egotistic overdrive on the part of certain individuals. I have no idea why Atheists will have to pay for the inability of closed-minded people to fathom the logic behind belief and choosing to not believe. Atheism is the rebuttal argument that clearly follows through with the lack of impetus that the church gives – of course, you may ignore this statement if “eternal damnation” is enough of an impetus. There is simply no overwhelmingly convincing argument to make us think otherwise. We are unable to process the inanities and lies that inconsistenly mock reality and reason. If it’s good enough for christians, it’s definitely not good enough for everyone. If being discerning and intelligent is being egotistic, then so be it. I hope they all enjoy smoking their social opiates.


I wish I could see a day in this country when christian preachers who pray over atheists can be sued for a criminal offense. Atheists don’t need them for salvation and we definitely don’t need their savior. Their actions are an attack to our autonomy and philosophical prerogative. In my opinion, it’s one of the bigger crimes a person could ever commit.

To all those reasonable and smart enough to be Atheist, don’t hide it. Wear it in your sleeve and show everyone just how unjust the media and society has treated us.



1. cigarette_girl - October 25, 2006

before anything else, i would like to say that i do believe in a greater being. but, i am apathetic when it comes to people’s choices. to each her own. =)

moving on…

unfortunately, religion is very much part of our society. 300 years under the spanish influence and a thousand more under chrisitianity is hard to erase. religion is the opiate of the masses. the poorer he country is, the more religious (no matter how superficial) they become. people need to believe that things will get better. maybe that’s why we need an afterlife, coz sometimes life just sucks. and you want balance. when did religion get stronger, during times of extreme oppression: wars, plagues…

2. utakGAGO - October 25, 2006

this is exactly what I’ve been talking about.

That when I deny God’s existence, I am an evil worshipper. Well, let’s say I am one of those not-that-evolved-atheists.

There are the pros and cons of Christianity. Ughh, I don’t like to make further explanations with these. All I want to say is that – I’m desperate with faith. With having faith.

For now, I’m an empty-blooded, worn-out Christian.

3. Roanne - October 25, 2006

How did you become an atheist? Or if you’re tired of telling the same story, and have already written a post about it, you could direct me to it.

4. benj - October 25, 2006

Roanne, the short version:

I used my brain to think and the idea of a god doesn’t make sense.

For a more eloquent and less obnoxious version:


5. benj - October 25, 2006

cigarette_girl: ive been encountering more and more of your kind. πŸ™‚ It’s great that one realizes the bases of one’s belief.

Kevin: I didn’t become atheist, I was atheist – and then I realized that. I think atheism has something to do with how one’s brain is “wired”. If you’re hardwired to be logical and objective, chances are, YOU are an atheist.

6. mitch - October 26, 2006

the idea of god may not make sense but what does, really? πŸ˜›

7. jaywalker - October 26, 2006

We atheists are an oppressed and misunderstood bunch aren’t we? πŸ™‚

I’ve been an atheist since grade 5. My love of science turned me into an atheist.

I’m tempted to write an entry about how became an atheist in my blog as well but that would conflict with the current theme of my blog.

Here roan I have some articles about atheism as well. http://www.tabulas.com/~jaywalker_1982/category/7504.html

8. aajao - October 26, 2006

Filipinos belief in a “God” can be credited well to the Spaniards, as it was they who “formalize” it. Although, our ancestors already believe in “gods” even before the Spaniards colonized us.

I can say that being a Filipino atheist is one act of bravery for the reason that one distances him/herself from the “usual” or common belief that our ancestors have been living about for centuries.

but then again, people will say: “to each his own.” while this statement connotes respect for the belief of others, some may not be stopped from encouraging others to their own beliefs, not because they do not know how to respect different beliefs but because it is in their faith that it’s their divine duty to do so.


PS. Do you celebrate Christmas during December 25th?

9. benj - October 26, 2006

aajao: I don’t. I smile at people and receive their presents but I don’t greet them. πŸ™‚

I do celebrate my birthday though. Following the Gregorian calendar is the most catholic thing I do.

10. ade - October 26, 2006

I’m a Catholic (yes I am, despite all those Jesus LOL jokes), and I feel that there is nothing wrong against having different beliefs. However, I believe when people enforce their beliefs onto others (Christian, Muslim, atheist or otherwise) leads to evil.

But there is indeed a stigma against deviant beliefs. To those who label atheists as Anti-Christs, I say: that’s what FREE WILL is for.

11. benj - October 26, 2006

ade: I. am. shocked. what will the royal and pontifical university say about this?!

I’d actually go as far as saying that religion is the root of all evil.

12. cigarette_girl - October 26, 2006

hmm… and what kind is that?

and yup. i remember you from tabulas. kaya pala lateralus sounded really familiar. hehe…

13. benj - October 26, 2006

cigarette_girl: for some reason, most of my comments gets blocked by my spam filter.

jaywalker: I had no idea you were THAT image conscious. Pity.

14. dennis - October 27, 2006

well, you live in a “christian” nation so deal with it. stop whining. it’s as if you want to be treated special. duh!

life is really not fair. and as an atheist, you should know that.

15. benj - October 27, 2006


I could say DUH to that comment as well, but I would just choose to clarify my points.

Special treatment is different from having atheism on the same footing as catholicism or islam. It’s just about giving people their due – in terms of autonomy and liberty in choosing one’s religion.

Despite of the things that go against atheists, it should not be enough reason for them to just roll over and accept the discrimination. There has to be a struggle. And struggles such as this has happened repeatedly throughout history in scales spanning both ends of the spectrum.

Life is not fair, yes. But I don’t think taking things sitting down when something can clearly be done isn’t the answer to that dilemma. Hopefully before you make hasty generalizations and turn them into strawmen for you to rebut, you would choose to comprehend the idea first.

I am amazed with the gusto that accompanied your comment. For something who didn’t much substance to share, you sure are obnoxious. ;).

I havent had an incoherent, illogical and irate commenter in a while, so thanks for that precious moment of unintentional comedy.

16. cigarette_girl - October 30, 2006

your spamming comments now? hehe…

i’m off. i don’t make sense.

17. pinoystupid - November 2, 2006

I don’t want to flame. But I have to tell the truth. That sad little Dennis person is a complete idiot. And he can’t spell density correctly.

I used to be an atheist. Then people would ask me all the time what made me become an atheist. It’s like being asked why I had two legs. Or why I didn’t walk around naked.

Then I realized I was not completely sure that there was no supreme being. So I started to believe that I cannot tell whether there is a god or not. Agnostic. Probably an insult to human intelligence, some people would say, but it’s bound to have some limit. And that is it.

18. issai - November 5, 2006

yes dennis, life is not fair… but you don’t have to put up with people who discriminate you just because you are different. and as for being a catholic country, its a poor excuse to be lazy and be dependent on the decision of both the church and government.

this is sad… the spaniards didn’t give us Catholicism to save us from eternal damnation… they did that because they want to control the filipino population. they turned us into spineless beings relying on the will of God to control our lives. this is one reason why the philippines doesn’t prosper, we’re just waiting on our lazy asses for something to happen. make things happen don’t watch and wait to make things happen.

i don’t discriminate… i love atheists, i love catholics…

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