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Whoring this picture October 23, 2006

Posted by benj in Music.

Oh yeah, I love this shot. Much thanks again to Mr. Gelo Manalang for nailing this rockstaresque-album-cover-worthy shot.






1. helga - October 23, 2006

I totally need a rockstar photo. But I’m popstar barbie, so that’s against principle. =(

2. benj - October 24, 2006

bah. It’s about time you let go of your Hanson past, helga. hehe

Anyway, I love this photo, I could just drown in my own sea of sex appeal. haha


3. helga - October 24, 2006

NEVAR! Hanson turned me into the camwhore-groupie-makulit-ang-utak-obsessive person that I am today!

4. utakGAGO - October 24, 2006


yeah, i’ve loved that photo by the time you pasted it in your blog. nice smoke effect. nice rockstar photo.

as for me. i don’t have any photographers other than myself.

ang tagal naman nuuuuung ano. nung guessing game results. i’m craving for the truth!!! c’mon! 🙂

5. benj - October 24, 2006

helga: oh yeah, the teeny-mmmbopper days. hehe. i also can’t find our picture with slapshock. wehehe

6. anna - October 24, 2006

Ooh, great shot, indeed! I love the smoke effect!

7. benj - October 24, 2006

Does it have something to do with me having my back turned? Lol.

Anyway, this was shot during a recent (read: 2 months ago) gig.

8. cars - October 24, 2006

astig ny pic! great shot. 😉

9. cyberpunk - October 24, 2006

magpapicture ka na rin nang napapaligiran ng magagandang babaeng naka skimpy clothes para rock star na rock star talaga…

10. ade - October 24, 2006

Nice rockstar pose! I envy you. Awesome shot you got there.

11. benj - October 24, 2006

cyberpunk: can i count on your services? haha

ade: it’s all the photographer. he has a camera 24/7! no kidding, i never see him without one. I want to blow this one up and make it a tarp. haha

12. helga - October 24, 2006

I guess it’s best that the Slapshock photo be lost forever, considering we were.. what, 15-years old back then? How very Simian.

13. bleue - October 25, 2006

hakhak! di nga halatang gustong gusto mo ito, twice mo na ni-feature ito. lolz!

14. jaywalker - October 25, 2006

“cyberpunk: can i count on your services? haha”

Now that’s something I’d like to see

…Tell your bandmates not to smoke too much pot

15. benj - October 25, 2006

jaywalker: onga eh, ayaw nila makinig sakin.

bleue: im even using it as an icon.

16. princesspalaka - October 26, 2006

does gelo have a friend who hasn’t posted a pic he took of that person in his/her blog? he took the frog princess pic on my blog! wehehehe! 🙂

i *informed* him that he ws doing my wedding pics. hehe!

assuming there’s going to be a wedding. 😉

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