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LIES AND TRUTHS: EXPOSED! October 22, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

Truth and Lies [Part I]

This post has suddenly become a very popular for some reason. It’s sort of odd that a “tag” will get this much attention. Hopefully this would translate to more comments and readership for my other posts – most notably my more spirited and evocative articles.

I’ve already revealed one bug about the 15 statements. In the first post, I told you guys that I put 5 lies into the mix. On a gross oversight, I had inadvertently put six lies instead of five. At least this sort of makes it easier for everyone to get something right. 🙂

To make it even easier for other people wanting to pitch in their guesses, I will eliminate THREE true statements. This will leave a 1:1 ratio between lies and truths and hopefully, that will help you discern the veracity of the statements better.

I made this template and used it for my personal site. Back in the day, I was more drawn into layout and images rather than the written content. You got to admit it has more aesthetic value than my current blog. I called this design Gust and it was the third among my creations.

I know this is among the least believed statements in the lot, but THIS is actually true. If you would point your browsers here and here, you would see versions two and three of my initial forays into web design and “blogging”. Back then, I focused on lengthy articles instead of keeping a daily journal. I’m actually very surprised that almost none of you believed this statement.

Now, about the design. The design was adapted from Chicoscience’s second album – Method of Breathing. After a brief makeover on Photoshop, my template was ready to use. You would notice that the splash page is different from the real layout that the site uses.

I have been unable to retrieve version 1 because I used overwrite my layouts.

I interviewed Slapshock back in high school. I did it for the school paper and called the article Headtrippin’.

Yes, this one is true. I definitely wasn’t a Features writer, but I was tapped to do this interview. Kevin, Slapshock has been around since the late 90s. I did the article early 2001 just shortly after the release of the band’s second album Headtrip. The band along with Greyhoundz had a concert at UPLB. Our school paper has always had the chance of interviewing artists so this wasn’t something that created a lot of fanfare. I did call the article Headtrippin as a very lame adaptation of a current Red Hot Chili Peppers from the same time period.


And lastly….

I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. I have taken less than 10 bottles of beer my entire life, but before I quit the habit, my tolerance for hard liquor was above average. I [used] to drink tequila and vodka a lot.

This what I’m talking about. I couldn’t have lied to anyone about this if I were dealing with people I get to see in REAL life. You see, despite of being someone who listens mainly to rock and some sub-genres of metal, I don’t smoke and I also don’t drink. When I was still taking in alcohol, I hardly took in any beer because I simply didn’t like the way it tasted. Tequila on the other hand, tingled my tastebuds like no other. It sort of became a default drink for me – at least during the times that I chose to drink.


Now, I’ve chosen to lead a more healthy life. I’ve been smoke free for 4 years and I’ve hardly had any alcohol in five years. The last time when I had alcohol was when our gracious host in Sagada offered me a nice tall glass of a vodka and honey concoction. If you are to make me regress further, I’ll be hardpressed to remember the last time.


Oh yeah, I abhor smokers. If you want to kill yourself with the worst possible cancer imaginable, think about the others who don’t want to have their lungs fucked up.


Pinakbet is my favorite dish. I’m a vegetarian.

This was the easiest lie to pick out, imho. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I don’t eat vegetables, period.



I’ve been feeling real down lately. Six patients have died under my watch within the last two weeks.

Lie. Lie. Lie. I don’t even need to counter this. It’s just not true. hehe








I’ve had my 15 seconds of fame on television. I have been shown on Channels 2, 5 and 13.

This one’s true.

Channel 2 – Usapang Business ’97

Channel 5 – INQTV (Inquirer Intercollegiate Debate Championships), a few secs on the PBA

Channel 13 – PBA

I’ve also been shown on UNTV on a short clip with Strangebrew

I have saved a friend’s life from drowning. He jumped off the high diving board into the 10-feet deep pool without telling us that he didn’t know how to swim. We were in first year high school then.

That very same friend from #9 is now one of better friends. That experience just sealed our bond and he’s definitely the best friend I’ve ever had.

The first one is TRUE. It happened at the Shell Refinery at Batangas. The second one is A LIE. Why did we have a falling out? Let’s just say I’m an asshole.

I have met and shook hands with the Sultan of Brunei. I got 20 Bruneian Dollars after doing so.

Ok, this one could’ve been stated in a better way, but had I done that, it would’ve way too obvious. 🙂 This one is TRUE. I went with our high school’s contingent for the Hari Raya Puasa festivities in Brunei Darussalam back in 1999. During the days of Hari Raya, the Royal Family opens the doors of the Palace to allow the people to have a handsome feast with vast amounts of food and drinks (all unalcholic, of course). Afterwards, people line up to meet and greet the Sultan and his family. The guys get to meet the guys while the girls get to meet the wives and daughters. After all this ceremonial stuff, each visitor gets a goodie box with food and 20 Bruneian Dollars. 🙂 Gotcha there.

I had a tug of war match against my algebra teacher in high school. A bitch of an instructor confiscated my state of the art Nokia 5110 from the paws of a classmate who was playing with it. She quickly said that I should ask my parents to claim the phone from her. Naturally, in Benj form, I JAWED at her until she asked the entire class to leave the room. When we were the only two left, she left the phone on top of the table [more jawing: epistaxis-inducing prose… haha] and I made a grab for it. She had lightning quick reflexes so we ended up having both hand on the phone…

I let go and she hit the chalkboard hard. ) I laughed my ass off.


This one had to be very tricky. It sure sounds too detailed to be made up, but the circusmtances given are a bit too CRAZY to be even considered. Well, as confirmed by one of my highschool classmates in the other post, YES, THIS REALLY HAPPENED. I think all the substantiation you need has already been indicated in the original statement.

I have joined two rallies in my entire life. I was in EDSA DOS and the Anti-ROTC rally of 2001.

This is true. 🙂 I was a senior in high school back in EDSA DOS.

. I have never been to a strip joint. All my friends are decent and clean cut.


LIE. LIE. LIE. No need to elaborate. haha


I was not on the honor roll when I graduated from high school. I’m probably the only student in INTARMED history to have been accepted into the program without being an honor student.


This is unfortunately TRUE. I was an honor student through my freshman and junior years, but the numbers didn’t add up in my fourth year. Getting a 76.2 in Filipino certainly didn’t help. haha. I missed it by 0.12. However, I was still given special distinction for winning several interschool competitions throughout my “career”. I was a triviamaster and general information titan – duh, you probably know that by now.

And yeah, I hate math.

Lastly, I am against the death penalty – but im in favor of extra judicial killings.



Im a vegetarian.

6 dead patients.

strip club.

death penalty.

math lover.

saved = bestfriend.

I hope you had fun. 🙂



1. utakGAGO - October 22, 2006

arghh, my mistake. I didn’t know that Slapshock was alive back at 90s.

Cool. From my five choices, only ONE was eliminated! *claps*

2. bulitas - October 23, 2006

ei benj, i didn’t make it to the ndc in baguio.
acads and requirements hindered me.
i had to compromise debating
to graduate on time. =)
how bout u?
did u make it in baguio?

3. bleue - October 23, 2006

since you already revealed three of the truths and i hit one of them, i’ll change my guess to:

2,3,8,10 and 13 are hoax?

4. aajao - October 23, 2006

hey. good for you. i mean, living a healthy life. 🙂

5. benj - October 23, 2006

bulitas: I’ve been retired from debating for the past year already. 🙂 I came out out retirement to adjudicate in the NaSHDC though.

aajao: thanks, man.

6. Xtina - October 24, 2006

Headtrippin’ as a title back in high school does tend to attract readers. But back in high school.. *wink*

7. benj - October 24, 2006

nobody reads the high school paper. 🙂

I did my job as webmaster though. I put up the school paper’s website.

8. benj - October 24, 2006

Nobody read that. haha

I rushed this article, actually. There wasn’t much substance in the interview anyway.

My batchmate is currently looking for the interview photo as we speak. hehe

9. benj - October 24, 2006

Dammit, my comments were marked as spam in MY OWN blog! haha.

10. bleue - October 25, 2006

hakghak! sabi na nga ba eh! medyo hesitant ako dun sa six of ur patients have died… enwei, putek nakita ko na naman ang sagada, di kami tuloy this october sa sagada, hay… pero bora-antique kami. lolz…

11. bleue - October 25, 2006

at least tama ako na hoax yung sa pinakbet. hehe!

12. bleue - October 28, 2006

hakhak, madami din akong tama, may tatlo din yata or more sa mga guess kong hoax ay tama!ayus!

13. xtina - October 31, 2006

hey some ppl do read the paper! hahah.. as part of the staff i write stuff non conventional because i know people HARDLY read the paper. tsk tsk.

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