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Demotivators® October 15, 2006

Posted by benj in Humor.

I originally stumbled upon this site about a year ago when it was shared to me by one of my colleagues in the collegiate debate organization that I was once part of. It has very witty Demotivators®.

For longer than most can remember, motivational speakers, authors and publishers have inspired and delighted us by championing the idea that within each person exists virtually unlimited potential.
At Despair, Inc., we agree wholeheartedly- and helping others to unleash their hidden potentials remains our singular obsession.
Think about it- what hidden potentials exist within YOU?
Perhaps you’re a wholly reasonable person, with the potential to become an irrational fool? Perhaps you’re a team player, with a potentially argumentative loner lurking about inside you? Or perhaps you’re a dreamer, within whom lives a potentially disillusioned grouse, simply waiting to take flight on the wings of bitterness?For the first time, one company has stepped forth with tools for unleashing such hidden potentials. No matter who you are, you have the potential to be so very much less. And with the transformative powers of our Demotivators® products, you will be.

Let me run down my favorite Demotivators®

First, let’s here it for Emil Pugoy and his ilk! Congratulations, Emil – this one explains a lot of things. I hope you’re enlightened.

Next, let’s hear it for the Dash Media people!

For those who are NOT yet in Dash-Media

For people who wish that they were in Dash-Media

And of course, how I can forget having something for those who disagree with me?

There! I dont want to spoil you with everything. Check out the site. Everything there is just as funny and straight forward as these five. 🙂



1. cyberpunk - October 15, 2006

hehe nice site..thanks for sharing 🙂

2. benj - October 15, 2006

i had to deal with the frustration of not remembering this site for 2 months. I was trying sooo hard to find it in google. haha

3. ade - October 15, 2006

i had to deal with the frustration of not remembering this site for 2 months. I was trying sooo hard to find it in google.

No, really?

Also, that’s the way to motivate them Dash Media people.

4. Earl - October 15, 2006

hey Benj. do you join National Debate Championships?

5. akosijod - October 16, 2006


6. benj - October 16, 2006

Earl, I’ve been retired from debating for quite some time now. My last competition was the IIDC back in ’05. I adjudicate in high school debates from time to time for fun – wahaha.

7. benj - October 16, 2006

akosijod, i approved your comment for some reason. Similarly phrased comments that are practically empty to begin with will not be approved in subsequent posts. please be guided accordingly. have a nice day.

8. bleue - October 16, 2006

hahaha, ang sungit naman nun, ang higpit, anyhoo, kewl nga nung site! ayan, mapapadalas na pagbisita ko ulit dito dahil nakahanp ako ng mirror site ng mga blog at nakakapagblog hop na ako sa office, ito ay matapos iblock ng lintek na system administrators ang mga blog sites dito…

btwm hindi ako drug leader! nagbebenta lang ako ng laman! wahahaha!

9. benj - October 16, 2006

umm… ok dude, i seriously wanted to know that.

im sure you’ve more than cornered the market for rich blind homosexuals.

10. bleue - October 16, 2006

hakhak! teka, baka maniwala ang mga readers mo! hindi po totoong drug dealer ako or nagbebenta ng laman. ang totoo po ay matino po akong tao, sa katunayan madalas pa akong naagrabyado ng mga isnatyer at magnanakaw, sabi nga ng mga kaibigan ko, mapagbigay daw ako sa kanila…

well, it is in giving that we receive. heheh! sinusuwerte lang at nauto ko ang kumpanyang pinagtratrabahuan ko na pasuwelduhin ako ng halagang maari nang bumuhay ng dalawang pamilya! wahahah! kahit maghapon lang ako naka-internet! lolz!

11. benj - October 16, 2006

and to think that very same company was on the verge of financial ruin 10 years ago. tsk tsk

12. Steel - October 17, 2006

I still live by my “Apathy – If we stop taking care of our customers, they will bother us no more.” mantra.

13. bleue - October 17, 2006

hakhak! financial ruin? nah! i tell you, that was just a show! hehe
anyways, nice point Steel, live by Apathy! lolz

14. NeilTG - October 18, 2006

very witty statments and convincing visuals to go with it…let’s mass produce it.hehehe

15. benj - October 18, 2006

bleue: so those cancellation of a gazillion routes overseas was a joke?! come on… hehe

seriously, you earn enough to feed two families? Would you like to put that to the test? hahaha

16. bleue - October 19, 2006

yeah, i (and most people here) think it really was, the company ceased to operate that time because the ceo, the great chinese with rags-to-riches story LT got so UPSET with the pilots and crews who were at strike that time, he decided to close the company to give these pilots and crew a lesson, money is not a problem with this tycoon.

anyhoo, what test? lolz! haha! never mind! im enjoying my life right now! hoho!

17. Alvin - October 19, 2006

I stumbled upon this site a couple of months ago din, screensaver ko yang mga postcard na yan hehehe

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