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Casting out Satan – sort of October 14, 2006

Posted by benj in The State of The Blog Address.

As Above Me, So Below Me… (my will on Earth shall be done!) was not the original name of this blog. This name was only adapted only I did some research on organized Satanism. To this day, the Satanism post is among my most read posts – along with almost every other philotheological post that I’ve made in this journal. The line was lifted from one of the Satanic prayers off LaVey’s organization. It’s a great line in itself – it projects the autonomy of an indivudal and expresses his power to change his environment without much regard for external factors. To make the long story short, I don’t consider myself a Satanist, but as far as that teaching goes, I’m very much on board.


Since I don’t really want to be associated [that much] to Satanism, I’m really thinking of changing my blog’s name. I’m in the process of choosing the most appropriate substitute – a word or a term that would embody the way I blog and the nature of my posts. I am not asking for suggestions – I already have my choices. I’m merely telling you all.

But come to think of it, if there’s one reason to keep this name, this title keeps my blog the first blog listed in Dash Media’s lists.


As the great Miranda Priestley always says…


That’s all.

much thanks to Mai Sibayan for making this ambigram for me. I don’t even know her personally and she was nice enough to make one. She only did that because I’m an assuming jerk and she was to nice to turn me down. Hehe. Again, thanks Mai. I wont be posting your URL here – you might get swamped with more requests. hehe


1. bleue - October 16, 2006

huwaw, syempre the first blog listed in Dash Media’s lists. hekhek! you owe me the 50% of the hits ha! hahahah!

2. benj - October 16, 2006

Alphabetical kasi eh. 🙂

50%? Di na siguro, baka mga 30% nalang ngayon. hahaha.

3. bleue - October 16, 2006

ah ganun? haha! cge, patataasin ko ulit! lolz

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