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15-0 Skeleton King October 13, 2006

Posted by benj in Gaming.

After so long! Woohoo! King Leoric Rocks!

download the replay here.

I didnt get my first kill until I was at level 10 – close to 25 minutes into the game. One of our opponents got so bitter that he even accused my team of “feeding” me. I finished the game with a 2 Aegis of the Immortal, A Vanguard, Sange and Yasha, Power Treads and a Sacred Relic.

We lost the game, unfortunately.


1. ade - October 13, 2006


2. benj - October 13, 2006

why? Am I getting dissed for playing DOTA? hehe

3. ade - October 13, 2006

Oh. DOTA. Kala ko kung ano! hehehehe.

4. benj - October 14, 2006

ok. good. akala ko maaapi na ako eh. wehehe

5. bleue - October 16, 2006

hakhak! usong uso din yan dito sa office, pero ewan, bakit hindi na ako masyadi naeengganyo, lumipas na din yata pagkaadik ko sa network/pc games, diablo, ragna, gunbound, starcraft… waaahhhhh!!!!!! nakakasawa na din kasi 7 days a week ba naman ako nakatutok sa monitor!

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