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Three Years of Implementing Projects October 5, 2006

Posted by benj in Music.

Tomorrow marks the third year since the founding of my band – Implement Project. Implement Project was initally called Sphincter (haha, I know) and I had to maneuver myself into changing the name with subtlety. It was a good thing that the guys didn’t really think of it as a big deal and they were willing to play under whatever banner.

Right after a tough zoology exam in 2003, four musically inclined students – Joel Asi, Bojit Herrera, Jedi Mata and yours truly — spontaneously set out to a local studio to test our chops and just jam to our hearts content. The other three guys had an existing band with another frontman, but the project seemed to be falling further into limbo and certain differences musical sensibilities made it tedious to make original material.

Along came a precocious brat who is a veteran of creative endeavors who was more than willing to lend his voice to augment the vision of the promulgators of Implement Project. With the level of creativity between the members of the band, it’s no surprise that the first original composition of the band – Purge — was written in well under 15 minutes. But despite this limitation and lyrics that were written on the fly (well under 5 minutes), the song proved to be killer (at least from the perspective of us four and the handful of friends who’ve heard the recordings shortly).

Implement Project

demolish the walls
annihilate the solons
defy laws
restore freedom

a new world order is upon us

empower the masses
take back the stark communion
defy laws
restore freedom

restore freedom

The song clocks under three minutes and is absolutely a solid composition. It has a nice aggressive riff that’s accentuated by changes in pace while still playing the progression prior to a rousing guitar solo by Joel. Vocally, the song is a throat-buster. I’d say it’s 75% guttural growling. It’s a ditty meant to ridicule those who mobilize the uneducated and the misinformed to fight the ‘machine’ and die horrible deaths in the process. It might sound like an amazingly Marxist mantra, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A week later, the band met up again and without much surprise, came up with a second original composition in the more laid back but equally as powerful Revolutions. The title seemed to have taken a lot out of the current big hit of the moment The Matrix: Revolutions so Bojit suggested to change tthe title to Floating Face Down which I then misheard as Falling Face Down. The latter of the titles stuck. And with the power of those two songs, we laid our claim to the most prestigious band competition in the college – the One Big Phi Battle of the Bands.

Falling Face Down
Implement Project

The sea reflects my face
as I fly down below the misty breeze
with nowhere to go
my primal urges convinces me to follow

(my) fate is sealed
my future is revealed

(I’ve been) trying to patch up my past
My future’s coming up fast
(I’ve been) trying to patch up my past
My future’s coming up at last

(my) fate is sealed
my future is revealed

to be continued….

It’s my Mom’s 44th birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂



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