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Blogging for Pyro October 5, 2006

Posted by benj in Medicine.

This is Pyro. He is barely three years old but he has been fighting a battle that most of us have not even considered fighting. This kid has germ cell carcinoma and it has already metastasized to part of his lungs. The condition was diagnosed a bit late due to the inability of his pediatrician to even diagnose any pathology when it was clear that the boy was already having chest retractions to breathe. How can someone miss signs of effusion? You tell me.

So there, let’s all be reminded of Pyro’s fight to inspire us in our own battles. The boy has put up a brave face and we have just run out of excuses.

Pyro also wants to meet Batista in person, so if you could pull a couple of strings, please do so.

More information on Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumors.


1. Yano - October 7, 2006

Uy benjamin, kamukha mo ah..

2. Jhed - October 7, 2006

Bilib naman ako kay Pyro. And what a nice name. LOL.

Sana lang ay may makatulong sa kanya.

3. benj - October 8, 2006

Yeah, I thought it was a hoax. C’mon, a kid named Pyro?! Parents can’t be that cool, right?

4. delish - October 13, 2006


It actually has MUSHY origins. Pyro’s Mom sings in a band, and my brother fell in love with her when she belted out THROUGH THE FIRE… thus the PYRO name 🙂

anyway… tnx for the blog post 🙂 tnx for the kindness to us, strangers…

5. Earl - October 14, 2006

actually, whether this is a hoax or otherwise, a lot of children or individuals suffer with problems that are really that worse. they should inspire us to go on and fight our battles in life.

6. benj - October 14, 2006

earl: Im pretty sure that it’s true, mr macabulos.

delish: thanks for visiting. I already talked to some people from a certain tv network. Theyll see what they could do. 🙂

7. delish - October 15, 2006

Tnx again Benj 🙂

TV networks are indeed getting interested… we’re keeping our fingers crossed… not just with the possibility of the dream becoming true… but that Py will weather this month’s treatment better than he did last month’s…

8. benj - October 15, 2006

I wish Pyro gets a part in Smackdown!!!

Is he strong enough to lift a stick and hit King Booker in the face?! That would be G-R-E-A-T!!!!! And I bet Pyro would LOVE that. 🙂

9. mica - November 10, 2006

Hey benj saw him sa Wish Ko Lang decided to make a blog entry too 🙂

10. mats - November 10, 2006

‘am super touched ako when I saw Pyro sa Wish ko lang….
as in, I hope – I could help him in some way and also see him in person…

11. Gee - November 11, 2006

hayy,,, how’s pyro na ba? the last time we’ve talked about that kid, you’ve said a bad news… I hope he’s okay… *sigh…

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