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The obligatory Dash Media post September 23, 2006

Posted by benj in The State of The Blog Address.

Everybody seems to be doing it, so I’ll do it for the sake of batch unity and peace on earth.

A few weeks back, I signed up for Dash Media. The site apparently is determined to search the Pinoy blogosphere for the blogs with the best content in various fields of interest ( i.e. the coolest blogs). I knew from the very beginning that the people screening the blogs will know what was gold from pyrite and without much fanfare and shock from my end yipeeeeeeeeee!, I was inducted into the first 25 out of over a hundred entries.

My co-inductees include:

Ive been to about five of these blogs before they got into Dash Media and I’m pretty much sold on what they could write about. I haven’t checked them out all, but all these blogs are probably worth your time – Just remember to visit my blog more! haha


1. utakgago - September 24, 2006

im the first! wooohoo.

🙂 so, you’re included! congrats, tol 😛 hehe. and i know you deserve it.

keep blogging, dude! dont stop hehehe :d

2. bleue - September 24, 2006

whoa? ano yang dash media na yan? hehehe! bakit huli ako parati sa balita?

3. Jhed - September 25, 2006

Woi, congrats! Hehe. At pareho kami ni Bleue, huli na naman ako sa balita. 😛

4. benj - September 25, 2006

Actually, all Dash Media was sort of a clandestine search instead of a big time casting call. If Im not mistaken, I was the only one who linked to the site during the “application period”. That only means one thing – you didnt pay attention to that post. Couldn’t blame you guys, walang picture yun eh. hehehe

5. Laarni - September 26, 2006


6. bleue - September 26, 2006

hahaha! o sya sya! napaghahalata tuloy na tamad magbasa pag walang picture! wahehehe!

tuloy ba tugtog nyo tom? bad trip naman, toxic sa preso! dami trabaho! hakhak! hope makatakas ako!

7. cruise - September 30, 2006

congratulations! mabisita nga yang mga nasa listahan. yung isa dyan ka blog ko na, galing nga nya.

8. Sidney - October 1, 2006


9. jaywalker - October 3, 2006

can anyone read my comments? coz I can’t

10. jaywalker - October 3, 2006

oh there it is 🙂 …I should be on that list

11. benj - October 4, 2006

did you apply? Ill tell you when dash media open the site again for applications. 🙂

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