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Your Pope is a bigot. What does that make you, catholic? September 18, 2006

Posted by benj in Philosophy & Religion.

I am sorry.

So catholic, what does that make you?

Make a stand.



1. AJ - September 18, 2006

why do you have to take the fuck up of the leader against the whole of the catholic community? i can do it your way and say you filipinos are a bunch of american puppets, but that won’t be fair. your ways tell alone your whole story.

2. Alvin - September 22, 2006

I’m a PROUD Catholic!

Go Pope! Get em all, we all behind you bizotch!


3. REX - September 30, 2006

i honestly dont know much about our Pope’s blooper, hihi! all i know is he was supposed to have blirted something offending.. whatever.. =p

4. REX - September 30, 2006

nakow, na ‘say it’ ko agad.

anyway, it’s unfair if anyone would generalize the rest of us (Catholics), because of our leader’s ‘mistake’. i placed quotation marks, because i really dont know if it was a mistake indeed, kasi nga hindi ko alam ang details. mahirap nang maging judgemental nang wala akong alam sa nangyari.

Pero alam mo, while i dont know much about Ratzinger, the first time i saw his face on tv (way back when he was elected Pope), i found it weird that he looks like a kontrabida, haha! kaya hindi na ako masyado nabigla na may balitang ganito, hehe.

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