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When Retards Attack! volume 1 September 18, 2006

Posted by benj in National Issues.

In the past days, we have been entertained with two really inane news issues that have made it into the teleprompters of major television stations.

Attack number 1: Wild ride turns tragic for teenager

Inquirer Article

Last monday, a 13-year old girl fell to her death after losing her balance atop Star City’s “Wild River” attraction. Star City has long been an attraction for kids since the early 90s being the site of countless fieldtrip destinations like “Whimpols on Ice” and “Dinosaurs Alive”.

It’s sad to see someone die so young, but when that person stands up on top of a ride that takes your more than forty feet into the air and holds on to the railing, that person’s absolutely being a retard. Asking for seatbelts to be installed is just as similar illogical. I’ve been to similar rides at Enchanted Kingdom, Universal Studios and Jerudong (that’s Brunei Darussalam’s 100% free theme park) and none of them had seat belts. If you’ve been to Universal Studios Hollywood, you’d realize that the Jurassic Park ride there has an intense incline and it actually drops 80 freaking feet and you only get to have a bar across your lap.

Attack number 2: The People of the Flag
Has anyone seen these retards? They were stepping all over the flag when they made it. They left the flag on the ground while being torn up and battered. Both of those are major offenses as far respecting the flag goes. Let’s not forget that they’re a cult.


1. Jhed - September 19, 2006

As soon as I heard the news where the kid fell of the Star City ride, I was like, “DUH?!” I feel sad for her death, but man, that was some stupid thing to do. Bakit kailangan pa niyang tumayo, dahil ba natatakot lang siya? Haaaaaay. Kids these days. Feeling superheroes. Blame the fantaseryes if you ask me!

With the flag thing, I saw this news as well and naawa talaga ako. Hindi dahil nag-fail ang kanilang effort na ma-break ang record, I feel sad for the flag. Napunit na nga, iniwan pang nakatiwangwang sa lupa. Reminds me of our country’s situation.


2. Roanne - September 21, 2006

It’s unfortunate when kids panic and they don’t have anyone to calm them down. You can’t really blame the girl. Obviously, she couldn’t think clearly, plus the article said she felt dizzy. The question is, where were the parents or at least, anyone who went with her when it was happening? The SC staff was stupid to let the kid ride alone.

3. Coach Pop - September 22, 2006

Yep, people should not even stand in those rides.. Kung nasa states sila they will sue pa nga e.. Stupid.. haha..

4. Alvin - September 22, 2006

Yeah it’s sad that the girl died… but isn’t it natural instinct that when you’re high above and scared and feeling dizzy that you stay as close to the ground (or whatever your steeping on) as possible and hold on for dear life? I mean it’s sad, but also incredibly stupid… and she’s already 13, so shouldn’t she know that already? It’s just sad and frustrating that she died is what I’m saying.

and the second one… Man, sobrang mali yung ginawa nila sa flag. So what if pinaghirapan nilang gawin yung “record breaking” flag na yun? The point was it got all torn up, so they should have never went on with opening it up and displaying it. That was completely disrespectful.

5. benj - September 22, 2006

Yup. They’re a freakin’ cult. I think they actually believed that the unfurling of the flag would’ve caused the second coming. hahaha

nagwwhine pa sila na di sila pinayagan sa sunken garden. hahahaha.

alvin: break natin record! hahaha

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