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Right In Two IV: Bracing For More Hypocrisy – Roman Catholic Style! September 16, 2006

Posted by benj in Philosophy & Religion.

It didn’t take long, after all. The cardinal formerly known as Joseph Ratzinger does it again.

At a recent speaking engagement at Regensberg University in his native Germany, the former member of the Hitler Youth Movement quoted Emperor Manual II Paleologos (Byzantine Empire) on his discourse regarding the historical and philosophical differences between islam and christianity and the correlation between violence and faith.

The exact quote is as follows: Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

If you’ve heard of Ratzinger’s past comments regarding the autoerotic masturbation nature of Buddhism and the deficient nature of the other chrsitian sects, this event wouldn’t even become much of a surprise. For someone in the apex of the hierarchy of the dominant religion in the world, it’s baffling how someone of his stature would irresponsibly lambast islam’s lone prophet and the religion itself in a time wherein context is irrelevant.

Despite his statements being mere quotes, the fact that such hateful and potentially offensive remarks found their way into his speech speaks volumes about his respect for other religions and his discretion – or lack thereof. He showed utterly no class – a perfect counterpoint for his nice red high fashion Italian shoes.

Again, the Roman Catholic Church again exposes itself as a bigoted, xenophobic and superiority-complex-inflicted brat with strong hypocritical tendencies. With Ratzinger’s recent comments, the main man between mankind and god seems to be the great weasel who wouldn’t pass up the chance to make cheapshots and disown them just as quickly as he makes them.

It’s clear as night and day, but despite all of this millions of either moronic, idiotic or apathetic christians would flock to the churches tomorrow overlooked by this bigot of a man. roman catholics have always managed to be ambivalent to the crimes of their religions and continue to trudge on despite the massive erosion that their clergy has undergone.

Some people just can’t think outside the box. If you really can’t live without worshipping a make-believe god, why don’t you do it in your on way – and not in a morally-corrupt xenophobic organization like the one that you’re in now?

I challenge all Roman Catholics to disown your Nazi pope. Sige nga.


1. estelle - September 17, 2006

he’s evil. his eyebrows are a dead giveaway of what kind of person he really is.

maybe this fulfills the prophecy of Pope John Paul II giving way to the Antichrist.

(oh no, the blasphemy).

^^ the above comment was not supposed to make sense.

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