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August 25 – Friday At The East September 11, 2006

Posted by benj in Music.

A couple of weeks ago (September 25 to be exact), my band Implement Project conjured up a storm at the UP College of Medicine’s BSLR-East in accordance with the Medical Students’ Society biannual event, Friday AT the East. True to the driving principles of the band, we played scorching original compositions Pasilyo and Amplify.

We opened up our abbreviated two-song set with the newest knife on the drawer – Amplify.The song was written about 10 months ago when we were trying to prepare for One Big Phi. To the unitiated, OBP includes a band competition that the Implement Project has dominated for the past three years since the band was formed (first in 2003 and 2004, 3rd in 2005). With no playlist and with just a couple of hours from hitting the stage and being expected to deliver another killer performance, the guys and I penned yet another track on the fly. The song was finished in about 15 minutes and just like that, a song with the potential to be a call-to-arms anthem came into existence. The original lyrics of this song was written in a small notepad and was actually lost shortly after its debut. The lyrics have since been rewritten. As with any other song that was written in a short time, the song doesn’t really have a complicated structure and is quite short (barely 2 minutes long), but the driving melody really gets me excited.

Implement Project
Arranged by: Implement Project
Lyrics: B. Espina

Much reviled and hated, we silently move on
Our cause has long been stalled, by the repeated caution
As we head down the halls, we hear our heroes calling us back
We close our eyes to find that the new day has come

And we stalk the same prey our fathers’ hunted in the past
We’re haunted by the wails that their ghosts let out

This is the time to raise your voice and be heard
Release repressed emotions and let everyone know
This is the time to disagree
This is the time to be free
This is the time to amplify

Pasilyo continues to be my favorite song that I’ve co-written with Joel, Bojit and Jedi. Incidentally, it’s also our only song in Filipino to date. I’ve always doubted my ability in writing in the vernacular, but people seemed to have warmed up to this song. I may have something as far as writing in Filipino goes. The song is a haunting dirge compared to the upbeat and straight-up hard rock track that is Amplify. The second song takes a totally different route. It’s a (supposedly) melancholic ditty on how the combination of apathy, phobia and other factors contribute to the lack of compassion towards certain people who are desparately looking for help and attention.

Implement Project
Arranged by: Implement Project
Lyrics: B. Espina

Isang kaluluwa sa isang sulok ng pasilyong nakalimutan
naghahanap ng awa sa mga nagdaraan

Wala na bang nakakaala sa mga ligaw na kaluluwa?
Ilang oras na lamang at ikaw ay wala na.

At sa pagmulat mo sa’yong kamalayan
damang dama mo ang kawalan
sa diwa mong di na maturan
kasing hapdi ng iyong pinagdaanan

Wala na bang nakakaala sa mga ligaw na kaluluwa?
Ilang oras na lamang at ikaw ay wala na…

Wala na bang nakakaalala sa mga kaluluwa?

It was a kick-ass set. As you could see, we coordinate our clothes for all the tacky reasons. Haha. For mp3s, check out this site.

You gotta agree, the pics are KILLER. Thanks to Gelo Manalang for taking these great shots. \m/



1. bleue - September 13, 2006

wahahaah! astigin! okei nga yug Pasilyo! sayang di ko pa narinig accoustic nun! ganda nung mga shots! nice in black and white! pwedeng pwedeng pangcover yung shot mo… you’re band really kick ass! hehehe!

2. bleue - September 13, 2006

syempre mali pa grammar ko, “your” not “you’re”! haha! engot!

3. Mats - October 11, 2006

PASILYO such a great sOng!!! Benj really had a strong and powerful voice! Really is perfect for ROCK scene! Pasilyo’s the best Pinoy Rock ever! di pa sumisikat pero, i’m one of you fan na!!! Keep rockin guys!

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