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Mistaken. August 14, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

Oh, darn it.

I had it all wrong.

What I thought: I was auditioning for the Asia Pacific Edition of the show 5Takes. Five people from Asia will host a show that will feature the sights and sounds of the Asian continent.

The Real Deal: I’m actually a semi-finalist for the global casting of 5Takes. There are no other editions of the show – the person who gets picked will be hosting with the other people from other continents. Woohoo! I’m in the short list of a global audition process.



1. Tommi - August 15, 2006

wow, congratulations. So did you pass the vblog round?

2. ganns - August 15, 2006

Well, good for you! Woohoo for you!

Pasalubong, ha.

3. benj - August 15, 2006

Tommi, they are just in the process of posting the vlogs and profiles of people who made it into the first round. 🙂 I doubt if a decision will be made within this week – the deadline passed just last Sunday.

Mister Deen: translation – its even more of a longshot than i thought. haha

4. utakGAGO - August 15, 2006

omg! i watch 5 takes and it was sooooo cool. hay anyway. guudlaak! hehe. and may pic akong nakita sa.. sa baba ng blog mo – previous posts. ikaw yung NUMBER 5? tama ba?

haha. hula lang dude!!

yun lang. :-h

5. cyberpunk - August 15, 2006

wow sosyal…congrats and good luck!!!

uy, link exchange tayo, pwede? para someday masabi ko na kilala na kita bago ka pa sumikat 😛

6. ganns - August 22, 2006

You’ve got just as good a chance as any, man.

I would like yak’s milk, please, upon your return from Mongolia.

7. bleue - September 14, 2006

any updates?

8. benj - September 14, 2006

it obviously didnt work out. haha

9. bleue - September 15, 2006

sayang! pero layo na din ng naabot ng application ma! you should be proud of yourself na din! hehe!

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