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Time Walk August 8, 2006

Posted by benj in Friends.

Names will be concealed to protect the identities of the people involved. lol

Person #1 : EP

Person #2: AdC

Person #3: GM

Person #4: PR

Person #5: BE

I saw this picture on my barkada mailing list home page so I decided to post it. Clearly, this pic has a a lot going for it.

Background: The five people on the photo met each other at Pilipinas Shell Tabangao Refinery. All their dads (and for AdC‘s case, parents) worked for the oil firm and all have spent a considerable part of their lives living with subsidized electricity, water, phone bills and cable (translation: Airconditioning 24/7) plus the amenities of living inside a nice gated golf club. Summers and weekends were spent playing basketball, shooting pool, playing golf, swimming, camping – you get the idea, basically doing whatever could pass the time.

AdC‘s family left the Philippines back in 2000 for greener pastures in the land where kangaroos roam and it was AdC’s first time to go back home. The five met up at Glorietta to finish up some drinks at cable car (this was back in the time when BE was still into killing his brain cells with alcohol – he has since converted to being straightedge) and to watch the Rob Schneider starrer, Hot Chick (not my idea, don’t blame me). It was BE‘s idea to have the picture taken so that AdC could have a memento worth taking to his twin brother, BdC who went back to Australia one month ahead of his twin.

EP went from hapless back-up singer to amazing guitarist in a few short years (read: 2). He is in musical project with BE – that’s been dormant for over two years now. He graduated Cum Laude from the UP College of Engineering.

AdC is currently a college junior at the University of… darn it, I dunno where the hell he studies but Im quite sure he studies somewhere in the suburbs of Melbourne.

GM is a engineering graduate from DLSU turned college professor turned electronics firm techie. He can tug your heartstrings with his amazing renditions of Basil Valdez, Gary V and Martin Nievera (woohoo idol! hehe) classics.

PR is a the oldest and it also follows that he is also the fattest. He’s a programmer from a highly reputable company and bleeds GREEN through and through. Despite rumors, he’s nowhere near 40 years old.

BE, seen here with inexcusably long hair is a med student. He actually kept growing the hair up to 7 months after this photo was taken.

Haha, that was fun.



1. Yano - August 9, 2006

Mukhang matangkad si number 1 ah… haha

2. bleue - August 9, 2006

hakhak! kewl!

3. benj - August 9, 2006

Grabe, ang tangkad nga ni EP sa picture na to ah. Di halatang 5’2″ lang/

4. Marius - August 11, 2006

See you all this coming december.. lets update that pic shall we.. ^^”
and a game of basketball on xmas eve.. and a couple of drinks come new year.. lets all have the time of our lives.. see u then bro..

5. Yano - August 11, 2006

kapal! 5’5” naman si EP!

atsaka hanep sa engleshz si Marius ah! parang ozzie! haha

sorry di pala ako makakatulong sa video mo! may review classes e. malapit na boards!

6. rex - August 13, 2006

hehe, kilala ko sa EP! Cum laude lang ba siya? ang alam ko kasi Suma, oh well.. =p

naalala ko nung freshie kami at groupmate ko siya sa Kas 2 presentation, magaling nga siya mag-gitara, at kumanta na rin..

7. cholle - August 14, 2006

hampogee naman ni EP. hehe.

8. benj - August 14, 2006

maspogi si BE para sakin. lol. haha

9. Coach Pop - August 24, 2006

coach Pop is back baby!! haha!! gwapo yung #4.. I like him.. hahaha! parang aquarium sa SD amp! hahaha!

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