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Benj, the travel show host? August 8, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

It’s quite ironic that I don’t really have the benefit of having Discovery Travel and Living here in Manila. I caught the show 5takes when I went home to Batangas.

The show is quite unique in its format. Unlike the usual travel show, the itinerary is not preset. All destinations, activities and other what have you’s are suggestions made by the show’s viewers on the message board. This makes the show very unpredictable and interactive. Five TJs (travel jocks, knock off of DJs, VJs, you get it…) are tasked to explore a specific location by going to places that pique their interests. The five TJs in the original show are very different in terms of their reason for traveling – one digs partying, another likes to shop and the other three are into nature trips, new age thingamajigs and food. It’s a wild enchilada.

In accordance to my application, Im now tasked to come up with a video log (vlog) of myself wherein I should state why I would be a great TJ. I would also have to submit a 250 word travel blog (without pictures). I just got the email today and the deadline is on *gasp* 13 August 2006. I have an exam on Thursday so work on that video will definitely have to wait.

Wish me luck, kids. hehe. We’ll let the schedule take care of itself. wehehe



1. ganns - August 9, 2006

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. 😉

2. bleue - August 9, 2006

salamat sa comment sa site ko, heheh, nagdradrama lang ako, tsong! balik din ako kaagad sa pagpost ng mga new entries.

WOW! Big WOW! Ang saya nyan! Exciting! Ang sarap pa dahil sagot nila siyempre! Sana manalo ka! Pangarap ko yang ganyan eh! Langya ako ang naeexcite ah! Good luck tsong! Galingan mo!

3. ron - August 10, 2006

tsk!! Sayang, nakasali sana ako. They’re gonna love my vlog and blog. Tsk! Good luck though.

4. 5 Takes’ new Travel Journalists « As above me, so below me… - October 29, 2006

[…] If you remember, I sent my video to Discovery Travel and Living as part of my quest to be a 5Takes TJ. Well, that didn’t exactly pan out. Hehehe. Apparently, the network was casting for 5Takes: USA. They only searched in Southeast Asia (including Australia) and the cuts were made at Singapore were the 36 Finalists convened. […]

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