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For those glued to PBBFG3 July 30, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

Im sorry I havent been updating you guys about the game. So for the benefit of those who were so interested (edit: how the hell did I miss this!?)  before (here’s looking at you Mister Deen, hehe), here’s a quick update.

It’s already Day 58 and the group of fourteen has been whittled down to 9. Most of the remaining housemates are interesting – and yes, the emphasis is on MOST. haha.

See for yourself. PBBFG3

Evictees (first to latest)
Ben (he’s a new housemate – substitute for Macky who quit the game). He got evicted on penalties after one week in the game. he didnt get any nominations from anyone.

Im attaching the results of the last nomination. Each VH is asked to pick a codename and designate 2 evicting points to the person he/she wants to boot out and one saving point to the VH he wants

Results of the 4th Nomination

“TINTIN”: I will give my -1 saving vote to benj para mawala ang tense nya, he deserves it. my +2 evicting points to… kailangan na ba talaga ngayon? coz ayaw ko munang mag-vote to evict ngayon dahil gusto ko pa cyang ma-try makausap. gee said he’s an interesting person…but i guess i had to do this coz he’s really at the bottom. my +2 evicting vote to jinelle.

“Mike Escoto”: Nais kong ma-evict si JAMILA dahil naubusan na ako ng mga hindi ka-close, at siya ang pinaka-least ka-close ko. Nais kong i-save si BENJ para manatili pa siya sa bahay at ipagpatuloy niya ang pagbibigay kulay sa larong ito na unti-unti nang nawawalan nang sigla dahil walang mga gaanong kontrobersya.

“YUMMY GRILLZ”: +2 points for Jamilla. I can say that she’s nice naman pero I just found her blog entries and diary posts so boring. There are VH that are less active than her but those less active VH are more interesting than her. Sorry! -1 point for Benj. Simply, because I want him to stay in this game. Go go go!!!

“COMPASS”: i will use my immunity. 2 points goes to Jamila, i guess hindi naman sya maeevict because of my vote kasi wala naman ako nakikitang nagvovote sa kanya. PEACE! 1point goes to Benj, natuwa kasi ako sa post niya! keep posting harhar GoodLuck!

“Kumot”: I would like to evict CASPER (Emjheiy) because from the day na nag start ako dito hindi ko pa sya nakakausap norma i-add nya ako sa friendster nya for me to knowher…. but i would like to save CAPTAIN BARBEL (Benj) because he’s really been very friendly to me eversince i started to join this game.

“ALEX TRIBECK”: my evicting points goes to ron, because he doesnt exert some efforts to reach his fellow virtual housemate and my saving point goes to emjheiy, she approaches her fellow virtual housemates.

“Eliteguy”: vote: jamila.. wala kasi kadalasan mali mali cya. dpa maxado active.. d ko pa kasi nakakusap maxad otoh eh. save: kay kuya benj. kasi lately sa mga blogs nyaparang malungkot cya.. ayun.. depressed i dont know..im using my immunity

BENJ did not participate in the Nomination. He is finalized with +5 evicting points.

CHARLES‘s ballot was invalidated because he did not include the name of VH he wanted to save.

RON‘s ballot was invalidated because he refused to give reason for saving a VH.

JINELLE and EMJHEIY used their Immunity.

AS YOU CAN SEE, THEY LOVE ME. 7 VOTES TO SAVE ME?! Haha. I didnt know my vote didnt get sent. Oh well. hehe.

The person with the most votes didnt get evicted because someone else had more penalty points. Basically, the most unpopular VH is still in the game and its going to be an interesting week.


1. bleue - July 31, 2006

ang tibay mo, mukhang ikaw ang magiging sole survivor, sabihin mo lang kung may votation ulit, makaboto nga! hakhak!

2. benj - July 31, 2006

aliw nga eh. during nominations kasi you have to vote for someone to get evicted (+2) and someone to save (-1). the person with the most eviction points gets the ax.

Guess what, seven people chose to save me. PR! haha

3. ganns - August 2, 2006

Thanks for the special mention. Why not hyperlink my name to increase the shame? 😉

Congrats on dodging the bullet! If you were voted out, I’d pretty much stop following PBBFG3.

I drop by once a week. At the rate you’ve been blogging, I think that’s fair. Plus, it’s not like you’ve been swinging by my website lately! LOL You’ve got your studies, I’ve got my family/work/ministry/music. Tit for tat.

I was on TV this morning. Didja catch me and Cathy?

4. benj - August 2, 2006

di eh. Sana sinabi mo agad, I would have skipped class! hahahaha.

which show?

5. bleue - August 2, 2006

haha! mr. congeniality! o, well gud luck broh!

6. ganns - August 7, 2006
7. pbbfg3 - August 7, 2006

erratum: penalized not finalized. lol

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