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Oh, the hypocrisy! July 13, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

I remember visiting a blog that featured really nice pictures of whale sharks in Donsol. He was a lucky guy, he got to see eight whale sharks that day.

I left a comment commending him for his great photos and amazing luck in interacting with the world’s largest fish.

He humbly accepted my compliment…

and then, the single greatest moment of hypocrisy happened…


right. cute, really.

Isn’t it obvious that having 30 boats tailing every single whale shark is just as bad as exposing the sharks to the noise and pollution generated by dynamite fishing?

Isn’t it obvious that having people chase a whale shark into the open sea disrupts the fish in its normal biorhythm?

Isn’t it obvious that interaction in itself puts a strain on the already precarious status of the animal as an endangered species?

Going to Donsol to swim with whale sharks doesn’t make you an environmentalist – it makes you a tourist who is willing to disturb a helpless peaceful giant minding its own business. Unless you’re a marine biologist of course.

If you want to save the whale sharks, don’t encourage the type of tourism that invades the sharks’ natural feeding grounds.

If you can’t help it, be like everyone else and just go disturb the whale sharks without preaching your illogical stance.




1. idolngbayan - July 13, 2006

it’s really funny how some people equate eco-tourism with environmentalism. it may sound paradoxical but if these people really cared about these animals then they should just leave them alone.

2. Jhed - July 13, 2006


I totally agree. If you want to save whale sharks or any other endangered species, huwag natin silang i-promote na tourist attraction.


3. bleue - July 14, 2006

may tama kayo! good points! i do agree with their stand… pero di pa ako nakakapunta ng Donsol… ahuhuh!

4. benj - July 14, 2006

“they” being who? hehe

balik ka nalang sagada. hehe

5. bleue - July 14, 2006

hakhak! oo nga no, ang gulo! basta yun na! may macomment lang!nakakarecover na ako tsong! nag-iisip na ako ng ibang lugar na puwedeng puntahan… hakhak! la nga lang pera!

6. bleue - July 15, 2006

-> anyway, i agree with idolngbayan and jhed, to save these whalesharks – leave them alone 🙂

7. benj - July 15, 2006

ako sagada parin. i have a feeling na kapag sa iba ako pumunta, magsisisi ako na hindi ako pumuntang sagada. ehehe

8. bleue - July 15, 2006

wag ka ganyan, natetempt na naman tuloy ako. try ko kaya kahit mag-sa, balikan lang, hmmm… sana holiday sa SONA! ahihii!

9. Alvin - July 25, 2006

true. i think our government looks at eco-tourism as a means to help enonomy and not ecology.

10. sandy - July 25, 2006


11. bleue - August 2, 2006

did you watch tv last tuesday, august 1, a whaleshark has been found dead in a beach in sorsogon… sob 😦

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