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Java Game Review #2: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within July 13, 2006

Posted by benj in Java Games.

This. game. is. awesome. 
I dont recall a mobile game that allowed a player the variability to use combo moves to dispose of opponents. You want to spin in the air ala whirling dervish? You can do that in this game. Running on walls? Stunning enemies and flipping them over to their death? No problem at all! The possibilities are limitless and the game rewards you for style points during combat.

As if it’s not enough, the game has two modes – an adventure mode wherein you go from level to level (much like the original game) swinging from chains, dodging spikes and killing off other scimitar-wielding warriors. It’s a long 16 level game, but the difficulty is engaging but at the same time not impossible to finish.

Aside from that, there is an arena mode that challenges you to finish 15 gruelling melee levels. All the levels feature a flat terrain that just throws everything at you. Your life bar doesnt recharge after every level and the only health potion in the game is at the seventh level. You don’t get to continue the game once you croak – you start from Level 1 again. It’s tough and borderline impossible! I’ve only made it to Level 10.

Try beating this game and tell me how much you like it. 🙂


1. mico - August 3, 2006

played this game with my friends
we challanged each other in the arena mode.
I got to level 2
my friend got to 12 i think.

2. rach - October 19, 2006

i have thjs java game and i am stuck on it cos i cant get passed chapter 3 barriers, i get stuck in a long room where knives keep coming out and i cant get out of the room. please help!

3. benj - October 20, 2006

which room are we talking about? I just played the level and finished it with no problem. Walk me through it.

is it the one with a vertical line of about 4-5 knives (the column in between the 2 barriers)?

4. benj - October 21, 2006

I got what you mean – it’s as simple as it looks. YOU HAVE TO OUTRUN THE ENEMY to the switch that activates the knives. You can’t dodge them. It’s part reflex, part luck. Just keep at it. 🙂

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