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Six reasons why the Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game is better than the real thing July 6, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

1. The Virtual Housemates have no big ulterior motive. Ok, at least one of us joined the game for blog pimpage (*ehem ehem*) but none of us joined to be the next ad agency’s wet dream or FHM’s next cover girl. That only means that the virtual housemates who are taking part in this are in it for the game, the experience, meeting people through the internet and of course, winning.

2. Connivance – the real thing. In spite of the number of times Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzales murderously overused the term connivance while hosting the Pinoy Big Brother, there was no such thing that ever existed in the show. The virtual housemates were barred from ‘conniving’ against a particular housemate so each of the nominations were an uncoordinated exercise making them erratic and utterly pathetic. In PBBFG, it’s a different story. It’s all about the numbers.

3. There are no (/less) idiotic fans. Unlike in the real game wherein fans often mocked housemates for the way they resembled household help crew, dark underarms and being pasosyal, the people who ‘watch’ the developments in the virtual game are a lot more intuitive and a lot less shallow. You won’t catch retards saying “maitim ang kili-kili ni Cass, kaya di sya dapat manalo” in this game. Also, the people who watch are not moronic enough to pretend that the show is supposed to be about loveteams.

4. It’s an equal playing field. There is no editing. All your bloggs get posted in the game’s website and the more you blog, the more you get featured. It’s that simple. Blind, deaf mutes with a sob story will not get air time just for being poor.

5. We are real people. This is who we are. We don’t project a facade. We can think and we don’t seen the mindless patronage the same way the real housemates treasure it.
6. BBK. Big Brother (in the show) is an absolute oaf. How can he claim moral and psychological superiority over the housemates? Jeez. Last time I checked, he wasn’t supposed to play that role. ABS CBN totally screwed up the Big Brother concept. Good thing that Endemol likes the revenue. BBK controls the game – and that’s it. No bullshit and other unnecessary GMRC hullabaloo.



1. mitch - July 7, 2006

I have to agree with everything you just said, as far as PBB is concerned.

The most important point you’ve raised here is the last one. I so feeeel the same way. Big Brother plays like some Supreme Being who knows what is right and can do whatever he wants and then justify in the end the moral repercussions of what he just did to his housemates. Para siyang puppeteer na isip-bata. hehe.

Goodluck, benj! 🙂

2. benj - July 7, 2006


Big Brother: gugutumin ko kayo at pagsasayawin ng kakaiba para matutunan nyo ang tamang pakikipag kapwa. blah blah. retard.

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