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The Second Evictee [edited] June 25, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

The votes are in.

With 13 points (combined evicting and penalty points), Jinelle was named the second evictee.

Hahahaha. The host made a mistake. Jinelle (who Yano thinks looks like my younger brother) stays and Daryll gets evicted.  

cyberpunk: tama ba hula mo? hehehe



1. Jhed - June 25, 2006

Woot! Congrats for surviving the second eviction. 😉

2. ganns - June 26, 2006

Hey, you survived! Good for you! 🙂 Voted for you, not quite sure why, but I did.

Best of luck in Week 3.

3. bleue - June 27, 2006

boboto sana ako tsong, kaso di ko makita kung saan yung poll!aheheheh!

4. ganns - June 27, 2006

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Luto! Luto! LOL

5. bleue - June 27, 2006


6. cyberpunk - June 27, 2006

i agree with bleue, di ko rin makita yung poll, di tuloy ako makaboto…sang lupalop ba yun? i feel dumb…

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