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The First Eviction June 18, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

I survived! haha. But then again, it was a forced eviction by Big Bad Kuya.

If it's not yet obvious, the pic in grayscale now is of the person who got evicted. 😉

The Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game

the virtual housemates' profiles and blogs can be accessed from that site. 



1. ganns - June 19, 2006

That looks like fun! LOL

Maybe you should try out for the big thing – PBB2 is holding open auditions again. I’m halfheartedly considering it – P1M is a lotta money.

2. benj - June 20, 2006

that might be a good idea for someone like you. pinoys are suckers for parents who want the best for their kids. 🙂 just make sure you can make up a story on how you worked as a sex worker for good measure. lol

3. ganns - June 21, 2006

Mean, mean, you’re so mean, mean to mods like Mister Dean.

Good luck in PBBFantasyGame. Hope you make it far.

4. benj - June 21, 2006

huh? come on! it worked for cassandra ponti and keanna reeves, maybe it could work for you as well. :p

5. ganns - June 21, 2006

Nah. I’m happy with the notoriety from PEX M&R. 😀

I’m a little too busy (read: lazy) to go into the details of the PBB Fantasy Game. Do you guys vote each other out or do other bloggers/netizens have a say?

6. benj - June 21, 2006

this is the third season so its safe to assume that there will be departures from the first two seasons. the first two seasons (i think) had evictions decided by online polls. but i think the earlier evictions will be much like survivor – only with 3 eviction points to go around now. hehe

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