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Missing the spotlight June 18, 2006

Posted by benj in Music.

i miss it, dammit.

there's nothing like doing runs on your own songs on acoustic…

… or letting out a guttural growl of the lyrics you wrote a few weeks back.



1. juice - June 18, 2006

what’s your band’s genre? your influences? 😀

2. cruise - June 18, 2006

ako din type ko acoustic. kapag may acoustic version yung mga mas nakukustuhan ko keysa sa original version.

3. Euri - June 19, 2006

Uy, gig.

4. Euri - June 19, 2006

Ay, naputol post ko. Tinatamad na ko ulitin. Chaka na lang. 😛

5. benj - June 19, 2006

juice: you’re on broadband, right? my mp3s are here. 😛


6. juice - June 19, 2006

thanks benj, i’m gonna check that out 🙂

7. anna - June 19, 2006

oooh, i didn’t know you were a musician. will check out your MP3s in a while. 🙂

8. benj - June 19, 2006

anna and juice: thanks.

9. Jhed - June 19, 2006


Nababalance mo ang med school and music? Nice! Very nice! Haha!

Good luck sa lahat!

10. juice - June 20, 2006

i checked it out, you guys sound really cool. the guitars and the vocals are deep. hope i could get a better quality of the mp3. 🙂

11. benj - June 20, 2006

juice: are you talking about the acoustic songs? yeah POOR quality recording talaga yan. we used a tape recorder. hehehe.

jhed: if balance means staying in school and being a musician among other things, then i sure am doing it. haha

12. paupau - June 22, 2006

hoy, na-LSS na yata ako sa quiet hill. lol.

13. benj - June 22, 2006

It’s among my favorite compositions as well.

It was supposed to be a joke inspired by the PS game Silent Hill, but we eventually felt the dark premise of it all. hehe

14. paupau - June 22, 2006

at least something good came out of your joke. hehe.

and yeah, unmistakeably silent hill-ish. 🙂

15. bleue - June 27, 2006

astig! songer at singwriter ka pala! hahah! parinig naman ng compositions!

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