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Uy! Three years na pala! June 12, 2006

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This pic was taken when I went with my girlfriend to school to "help" (term used loosely) her enrol. And I'm really thankful that she has put up with everything benj. We didn't see each other yesterday because of my Lola's birthday party (not today because my Lolo had a post-humous birthday luncheon). We'll be seeing each other tomorrow.



1. kid - June 12, 2006

happy anniversary sa inyo! 🙂

2. anna - June 12, 2006

congratulations! 🙂
happy 3rd to you guys! ^_,~;;

3. marty - June 12, 2006

congrats! happy anniversary! more power!

4. benj - June 12, 2006

kid and anna: uy, thanks ah. more power din sa inyo. happy anniversary – kung kelan man yun. hehehe 🙂

marty: thanks a lot! 🙂 have a good one.

5. cyberpunk - June 12, 2006

ei, happy anniversary! how sweet naman, hehe…

6. benj - June 13, 2006

thanks cyberpunk. 😉

7. arvin - June 13, 2006

naks! antibay mo! totoo na siguro ‘yan.

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