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My Great Granny’s 89th birthday :) June 12, 2006

Posted by benj in Family.

My great-grandmother (Olympia Calingasan-Suarez) suffered a major stroke earlier this year. She lost the ability to move and feel with her left side. Her face and and right side of body were spared, but her speech has since become slurred and hard to understand. Her real birthdate is really on the 12th of June, but to ensure that most of our relatives could go, the organizers (i.e. my dad and my mom) scheduled it on a more convenient day -a lazy Sunday afternoon that precedes a national holiday.
Hardly anyone in the family calls my great-grandmother by her first name. Everyone addresses her as Inay or Lola. She already had failing eyesight and loss of memory years prior to her stroke, but she was anything but weak before the attack. She could still do her household chores.

She is still very alert! She was asking us why the hell we were having a party when in fact her birthday is still on the following day! She was looked upon as a sage by the entire family. She always gives us a piece of her mind – in rhymes. A personal favorite? Alkohol, kapag nainom, nakauulol. Catchy, eh? Feel free to use it as long as you cite my Lola. hehe.

She lives with her eldest daughter (Cleotilde – my Dad's mother) in a house my Dad bought for them up in the mountains of Batangas City. Yes, believe it or not, the background pic in this post IS STILL a part of the "city". I rarely saw Lola growing up, but my fondest memory was of her helping me make sinukmani (a ricecake – for you coños) for a grand reunion to be held in our house.

This party was important for everyone – and it showed. Almost everyone from our immediate family was there. Even those from Rizal, Laguna, Quezon and Manila went out of their way to visit Lola to truly help make her day special.

It's great that everyone went. It might be her last, but she's one of the few people who could boast that she lived a full life. 🙂

I love you Lola.

P.S.: I wore a sleeveless shirt and everyone was asking me if I was working out. LOL



1. arvin - June 13, 2006

whoa! more yeasr to come. lola ko mag-84 lolo ko mag-85.. wala lang. haha 😀

2. benj - June 13, 2006

see, bagets pa lola ko sa tuhod. hehe. magkasing edad lang sila ng lolo’t lola mo. hehe

wala na kong lolo, namatay yung isa nung 2001, tapos yung isa 2004.

3. vina - June 13, 2006

wow! that’s impressive, and so sweet of you. i’m sure she’s really happy to see all of you. that would have made her life complete.

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