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Meet the Virtual Housemates June 12, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things.

The virtual housemates have been playing for 10 days.

Ok, these are the fourteen people playing the third edition of the Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game. It may seem weird, but it's much like the reality show on tv. Basically 14 bloggers pick each other and the last one standing gets to be the winner. Obviously, I joined this one to increase readership (the game website is one of the more visited Pinoy sites).

To be consistent with the show's original concept, the blog entries of the housemates are also cross-posted in the game page. Traffic has been good this month. I'm sure this has something to do with it. hehe

The people are nice. But of course, it's still a game. Unlike the TV version, the Big Brother in this game (who goes by the name Big Bad Kuya) allows virtual housemates to plot against each other. The game's very much like Survivor – or the REAL Big Brother series fir that matter — because obviously, this one is not decided by text votes.

You're on my side, right? Hehe. Feel free to suggest who you feel should get my two-point and one-point nomination votes for the first eviction. I'll be waiting for your impressions. hehehe. I can't wait to transform a mug or two in that image into grayscale! hehehe 😉

Shoutout: Thank you Aaron for teaching us unfortunate sods on how to do the shadow effect thingie. hehe. 🙂



1. arvin - June 13, 2006

ayoko makigulo sa PBBFG niyo. ahehe

ang masasabi ko lang eh ambilis mong na-apply ang tutorial ni aaron! ayos na ang dropshadows! haha 😀

2. benj - June 13, 2006

haha, come on, makigulo ka na. hahaha

ang inutil ng wordpress ngayon. tsk.

3. Yano - June 13, 2006

oy kablock ko yung si Rex. Hehe Housemates pala kayo..

4. benj - June 13, 2006

kilala ka nga raw.

correction, virtual housemates. wahahaha

5. inday - June 13, 2006

hello mr. benj…am just wanting to say a thanks to you for making a comments to me… yeah i hope they are learned to commet also but they are only comment me on the forums… weird yah?

I loving your blogs too. I’m link you is you mind?

6. car - June 13, 2006

hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice blog you have here.. ngayon lang ako naging aware na may “virtual housemates pala”. 🙂

7. aaron - June 14, 2006

hmm, the fantasy game concept sounds good. masilip nga to. lol

8. benj - June 14, 2006

car: yeah, it’s 100% unofficial and unlicensed. hehe

inday: sure, I’ll link you up too. Want me to pose with an “I Love Inday” sign? hahaha

9. kevin - June 14, 2006

ay ang CUTE! hehe. nakakatawa naman, at nandun ka rin pala at si rex. wahehe.

hmmm. bat di mo pa ko link? hehe. yun lang. napadaan sa blog MO… bow!

10. may - June 14, 2006

magkaano-ano kayo ni rex?

11. benj - June 14, 2006


we have common friends in friendster – yano being my basketball buddy/bandmate/*at sige na nga* friend for 8 years now. he’s also rex’s former blockmate.

12. inday - June 14, 2006

hi mr. benj..lol..really? are you really do that for me? that would me a cool things!

13. Jhed - June 15, 2006

Way to go Benj! Haha!

Good luck sa iyo, sana hindi ka agad ma-evict.

14. gee - June 15, 2006

hi benj… nice post ;p

15. BBK - June 16, 2006

rank 99 k na.

16. bebe - June 19, 2006

who are macky and jhell? do they have their own blog?

may i know the address? i think theyre pretty hot.

17. estelle - July 6, 2006

duuuude. the things you do for readership. :p i thought the pictures on the first page were a prank. totoo pala! lol. -_-` tell me where to vote and i’ll support you 🙂

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