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First post of the month June 2, 2006

Posted by benj in Shameful things, Uncategorized.

I. New banners. I played around with Macromedia Fireworks and came up with a new site banenr:

and a new links banner for PinoyTopBlogs

II. This is too cool to not link. I never thought that Adrian Rabe could be this cool. I've always known that he's a great debater and intelligent beyond belief – I hardly consider him human, actually — but this piece just takes the cake [the entire bakery as well!].So boys and girls, give that link a long hard look and see if you really want a Jesuit Education.;)Kudos, Adrian. Your blog was probably one of the most visited debater blogs for the past 2 days.

III. pure shame.here my quest for expanding readerships takes me to this option. don't laugh. haha.

IV. Site Stats.


 Not bad, eh? I also got about a dozen RSS feeds a day.

 According to Pinoy Top Blogs, I finished number 52 for the month of May, but I'm quite sure it was a glitch. The counter reloaded on the 31st and that made it easier to go up the charts. I was hovering at number 126 before the reset. But just the same, it's been nice month hits-wise – nice month for comments too (well over 200). I'm off to a good start this month, let's see if I can sustain this.




1. adrian rabe - June 2, 2006

cool blog.

since when were you interested in philippine tourism benj?

2. benj - June 2, 2006

thanks aids.

my dad likes traveling around, but he doesnt really know how to properly enjoy the place – e.g. he didnt want us to jump into the open sea with the butandings at first. wtf.

thats why im more bent to go to places without my family now. haha

3. Undercover Angel - June 3, 2006

I think the banner you made is awesome! I wish I were half as talented…

4. Jhed - June 4, 2006


Nice banner. At kasama ka pala sa PBBFG Season 3 ha. Nagulat ako dun ha. Well, good luck sa iyo. Nawa’y ikaw ang maging big winner.

(Susubaybayan ko na ngayon yan!)

Congrats sa stats. Ngayon, nasa 94 ka na sa PTB. Matagal pa siguro bago ko maabot iyan.

5. Jigs - June 4, 2006

I also jumped up in the pinoy top blogs! I just started blogging and I didnt expect to do well at all! I hope I can keep this up also! hehe!

6. bleue - June 5, 2006

nice stats, i wish i have the same readership, hehe…

7. steven - June 5, 2006

hi ‘benjito’. hhmm.. your blogging style has changed. i don’t know by how much and which aspects specifically, though. maybe i just havent seen your blog for a long time.

i really feel the need to ask this: are you related to nicola? just (very) curious.

8. Jaywalker_1982 - June 5, 2006

How do you get this much traffic bro. It seems like you have visitors from every continent

9. benj - June 5, 2006

Jaywalker: oi, di naman, wala pa sa antarctica. hehehe.

joining a big international forum is one way. 😉

10. juice - June 5, 2006

the pbb site was cool and funny. LOL. And you’re part of it.

Anyhooo, it’s been long since I haven’t visited here 🙂 Congrats with ur rank at PTB! 😀 Hopefully it’s gonna go higher. Take care 😛

11. arvin - June 10, 2006

woist! virutal housemate ahehe:D inabosrb ka na ata ng stats mo. haha 😀

12. benj - June 10, 2006

the stats have been bad this month. im sure it has something to do with my sub-par pedestrian blogs as of late. i have to dig deep once again and pour my thoughts into something more profound.

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