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The Food Up There May 29, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

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Highly Recommended!

Not worth the perfect rating, but still good!

Decent. Nothing special, nothing repulsive.

Should be crucified

It's a good thing they're 12 hours away from Manila. I'm never coming back! hehe

Masferre's was the first restaurant that I went to in Sagada. It was a short two-minute stroll from the front porch of the guest house I was staying in. Unlike the other restaurants and cafes in the area, Masferre's is huge. The windows to the right offer a nice view of the valley and the wood interior gives the place a very nice feel. It's quite unfortunate that despite the nice driftwood benches in the restaurant, most of the chairs are still white monoblocs.

The food was excellent. I ate here twice (once for lunch and once for dinner) and I got the boneless bangus the same number of times (100 php). I also tried their mushroom soup (50php) and their lechon kawali (100php). The food was great and the piping hot soup was perfect for the cold Sagada nights.


Alfredo's Cabin
The restaurant is at the top of the hill and is actually the lobby of an inn. As you could see in the pictures, everything in it is varnished wood and the lighting is very good. To top it all of, the have a medium-sized fireplace that they use every night. It's a very cozy place. Curiously, I ate there twice and I only saw two tables occupied during those two instances – other than my own. It's a shame because I love the food and I love the ambiance.

The food is great. The buttered chicken entree is easily among the best chicken dishes I've EVER tasted. Carefully cooked chicken fillets are liberally drenched in a sinfully thick butter sauce that screams out atherosclerosis. I LOVE IT! The sweet & sour pork was also pretty good. The meat had the perfect mix of crunchiness and tenderness and the sauce was just perfect. The restaurant also uses Sagada rice – a red variety of rice. It doesn't really taste different, but it sure looks different. 🙂

Rating: In case it's not yet clear, I LOVE THIS PLACE! 🙂

Cafe St. Joe's

This was the farthest resturant I went to. It was a ten minute walk from the guest house. Cafe St. Joe's is situated in what could be Sagada's priciest cottages for rent. St. Joseph's Resthouse has several cottages that rent out for as much as 1500 php a night. 



1. Jhed - May 29, 2006



Inggit ako… Gutom na tuloy ako. 😛

2. Tess - May 29, 2006

Looks yummy 🙂

3. Mark - May 30, 2006

the boneless bangus looks great 😀

4. benj - May 30, 2006

that was the first thing i ate in sagada. weird no? Dumayo akong bundok para kumain ng isda! haha

5. mitch - May 30, 2006

it would’ve been perfect if the chairs were something other than monobloc chairs. XD

nakakagutom ang bangus na yan! lol

6. Jhed - May 30, 2006

Yummy nung pagkain!

I’ll take note of this pagpunta ko sa Sagada. Hanap na ako ng kasama… Haha!

7. benj - May 30, 2006

sorry ah, ginugutom ko kayo. hehehe

ok na adventure to. 🙂

todo tipid budget 3.5 for 4 days/3 nights
i spent 5k for the same amount of time – 800 went to pasalubong. hehehe.

8. arvin - May 30, 2006

kakakain ko lang.. nagugutom na naman ako…

9. Darwin - May 30, 2006

Hmmm… mukang katakam-takam ang mga kuha ng mga pagkain hihihi. Galing ka rin pala sa galaan ha. Magtour kaya ako ng mga restaurant baka tumaba ako lol.

Hindi na kasingdami nung holy week ang tao dun ngayon, maluwag na. hehe. Yung pool super linaw talaga ng tubig. treated ata nila yun.

10. cyberpunk - May 30, 2006

naman! matutulog na lang ako, nagawi pa ako rito…nagutom tuloy ako *drools*

11. faith - May 30, 2006

Wow. Never been to Sagada, nainggit tuloy ako. And the food looks fantastic. I’m surprised they have that kind of luxury in the mountains. Hehe.

Naaalala na pala kita. PGH med, right? May circumcision mission kasi kami last year, nagbrowse ako ng posts ko dati. I posted this large photo of a you-know-what being peeled off.

12. benj - May 30, 2006

Sagada is not exactly roughing it. 🙂

It’s for the adventurers by day, creatures of comfort by night crowd. hehe

13. skwayred - May 31, 2006

The buttered chicken looks yummy. Nakakagutom. 😀 Never been to Sagada too but I have a t-shirt from Sagada. My brother brought it home as a “pasalubong.” 😛

14. kevin - May 31, 2006

Mang-inggit daw ba! Nakakatulo ng laway yung mga pagkain ha. At parang ang mahal ata? Well. Dumaan lang. 😀

15. kevin - May 31, 2006

hmm. ako ba yung KEVIN na ni-tag mo sa jokes and tags section mo? SAGUTIN mo ko ha! bwahaha.

16. benj - May 31, 2006

mahal in the sense kapresyo sya nung mga restos sa manila. i spend the same amount of money on food sa manila, so ok lang. hehehe

17. Alvin - May 31, 2006

Yoghurt House ang paborito ko jan.. sarap! naaddict ako sa yoghurt habang nasa Sagada.. (pagbalik ko sa Manila hindi na ulit hehe)

18. benj - May 31, 2006

di ko nga maisip kung pano ko gagawin rave ko about yoghurt house eh. ive never really had yoghurt before – di kasi ako mahilig sa fruits. hehehe.

iba daw lasa ng yoghurt ng YH eh. mas home-made daw (i.e. mas maasim haha).

19. bleue - June 1, 2006

nice review! langya, naeexcite na lalo ako sa Sagada, 8 days to go…

20. benj - June 1, 2006

ayus. kay tita mary ka ba? 🙂 ingat. enjoy.

21. bleue - June 1, 2006

yap, kay tita mary, sir benj, favor naman oh, papacheck ko sana itinerary na ginawa ko kung kakayanin namin saka kung tama ba ung sked nung bus i.e. from sagada to baguio, thanks, email ko na lang po sana, ano po email nyo?

22. benj - June 1, 2006

swingonthespiral@-gmail.com just removed the (-) mahirap na maspam. hahaha

23. bleue - June 1, 2006

email sent sir, thanks po, hehehe

24. tl - June 1, 2006

hey i remember eating there!!!!!!! sarap sarap!

25. Jigs - June 1, 2006

COOL Place! Always wanted to go there!

26. aaron - June 1, 2006

buttered chicken. yumm

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