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Straight from Sagada May 23, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

Hi kids, sorry if I haven't been updating you guys. I'm enjoying this sleepy mountain town too much. I nearly fell off the ravine four times in our relatively easy trek yesterday morning – went to the Echo Valley, Underground River and the Small Falls. I jumped off the 20 foot waterfall as well and I'm not kidding, I'll post the video once I get back to manila.

Sagada's really nice. I'm staying in a 200/night room with a bathtub! 🙂 There's cellular phone signal, broadband internet and cable tv. everything is within walking distance. I'm currently waiting for my breakfast here at Yoghurt House. I've been taking tons of pictures, don't worry.

Spelunking later. Will be on the bus back to Baguio tomorrow.
Take care,




1. angelo - May 25, 2006

bro pashre nung itin nyo, excited na ako sa sagada, planning to go there kahit mag-isa, i msgd un in pex… thanks

2. Coach Pop - May 25, 2006

You?? Jump off a 20 foot waterfall? You can’t even jump off the high dive in Tabangao! Haha.. Yeah right..

3. kevin - May 25, 2006

that trip was COOL. Sagada, mountain province eh? Ang layo nun dude! Well, that’s what you call ADVENTURE. Ayos ha, tumalon ka pa sa pagkataas-taas na waterfall; sarap siguro non.

Wow. Ayos ha, may broadband internet at cable TV pa dyan. Hihi wala lang. dumaan.

4. bulitas - May 25, 2006

huwaw. pahabol sa bakasyon?
ui, pa-link. =)

5. arvin - May 26, 2006

pasarap ka ah!

6. Jhed - May 26, 2006

Nakakainggit ka naman.

Gusto kong pumunta ng Sagada, wala lang akong makasama. Post ka ng pictures ha!

7. ghe - May 27, 2006

Sinusulit mo talaga ang bakasyon, ah! Sarap naman dyan sa Sagada!

Im waiting for the pics//

8. winnie - May 29, 2006

which hotel did u stay in sa sagada for just P200/night complete with a tub, broadband internet, the works?

hmmm… interesting, very interesting…

9. benj - May 30, 2006

hi winnie.

the broadbadn internet wasn’t in the hotel. i had to go to Yoghurt House (a restaurant a few meters away) for that. 40php/hr.

i stayed at tita mary daoas’ *daw-as* place. walang sign yung guest house nya eh. 09196728744

I only found out about it via referral.

10. earl - May 30, 2006

how i wish i could go to sagada myself, but my pals are not the traveler-type, if ill be able to find mr/miss convenience, ill travel alone.

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