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The [REALLY] (Im)Patient May 10, 2006

Posted by benj in Travel.

This whole “naming-my posts after Tool songs gimmick has really been a drag! haha. But I’ll stick to it… at least til the end of this month.

In about 36 4 hours or so, my family will be leaving for the peninsular province of Sorsogon. The exact location we’re going to is the third-class municipality of Donsol – the most proximal part of the province with respect to the rest of Luzon. It actually shares a border with Albay. That being said, Donsol is still a good day’s (a good 13 odd hours) drive from where we live.

As most people would have heard, Donsol is famed for its distinction as one of the few places where whale sharks can be observed while feeding on the plankton rich waters off the coast of Sorsogon.

Apparently there are stuff to see other than the whalesharks and hopefully we’ll have the time to do them all. I’ll be bringing my PADI Scuba Diving License for good measure. I’ve been told the beaches are exactly the bomb, but then again, the beaches are not the reason why I’m going there.

There’s also an island where you get to watch thousands of fireflies commune in a bioluminescent spectacle. And yeah, lots of bird-watching too (hello! Avian Influenza!).

Just in case you’re not yet getting it, I’m giddy as hell. haha

PS. Yeah,I got too comfortable with Macromedia Fireworks on the image above. Ayos ba? hehe


See that *points at the sidebar* kids? I’m at #155! 🙂 I started at around 1300 five days ago and now I get the honor of having my rank on the link (the top 200 get to have the privilege). The site also set an all-time in terms of hits yesterday. Hurray! hehe

Now, here’s the more interesting part. This service tracks the locations of the people who visit this site. To those who know me well, I’m sure you’re aware that I’m a bit geography geek. From the way this (bigger) map looks, I’ve had hits from the following places : California, Ontario, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Norwaym, Uruguay, Chicago, D.C., Oman, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, The Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Melbourne and the North Island of New Zealand. Again, thanks to those who have helped to promote this site – whether directly or indirectly.

Uhuh. It can be this huge folks.




1. arvin - May 9, 2006


2. Rob - May 9, 2006

salamat sa pagbisita at pag-tag sa aking pahina! Sana’y malimit kitang makita sa pahina ko.

3. lateralus - May 9, 2006

arvin: san ka nag-wow? malamang hindi dun sa image. lol

rob: napapadalas na nga eh. haha

4. jhed - May 9, 2006

wow! (haha. napagaya kay arvin?)

whale sharks huh? di ba endangered na sila? haaay. teka, yung pic, totoo ba yun? kasi ung mga silhouttes nung mga tao parang fake. haha. or baka mali lang ako!

anyway, good luck kay Taylor bukas. lalo na kay Elliott! waaaah.

5. lateralus - May 9, 2006

Jhed: I think I can vouch for the picture – it was taken from a website of an aquarium in Japan.

The whale shark is considered to be endangered in other parts of the world, but there’s a lot of them here in the country – they’re protected against fishing though.

The largest whale sharks could grow up to 12m – the whale shark in that pic was labeled to be only 7m.

soul patrol! haha

6. kevin - May 9, 2006

hay. whale sharks. i wish i could see them LIVE and personal. upclose! wala lang, parang astig sila eh.

LAYOUT KO? hala. pangit pa nga yun kung tutuusin dun sa ibang blog. 😦 pero anyway. salamat sa pag-comment. mas madami ka pang alam sakin ha! astig blog mo! nice nice posts… mas sensible kaysa sakin. hehe.

7. kevin - May 9, 2006

haha gising ka pa pala! haha nice dude. hehe wala lang! salamat sa info! 😀 at sa comment!

8. Aaron - May 9, 2006

heya benj, care to link up?

9. Pau - May 11, 2006

Wow, buti ka pa! I want to see whale sharks too! Have fuuun. 🙂

10. cursed-- - May 12, 2006

that clustrmap is quite interesting. haha.
il get that one for my blog. hehehe.
eist, have you tried scouring tower northedsa? i think they still have UdD cds there. or if you cant find one then maybe u can avail it on their gigs.

OR do it the bad way…hehe. if you know what i mean.

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