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the rebirth March 27, 2006

Posted by benj in Uncategorized.

Blogs are definitely the rage of the past few months. I’ve been
initiated into this entire exercise of expression about a couple of
years ago, but I stopped keeping the journal when I realized my blog
was becoming as shallow like most of the rest of the blogs on the
internet that are just littered with online test results, rants about
how their day went and other stuff whose context would only be
understood by a small population of people who are also well-entrenched
in their very private social circle.

My last blog wasn’t that bad – I also used it to showcase my
bands’ music and other creative endeavors. I’d like to think it was a
step above the run-of-the-mill online journal, but in the end, I
couldn’t help but feel that it was just a few notches above what was

That being said, here goes nothing. 🙂 Kudos to these guys for inspiring me to blog again.

1 2 Hopefully this attempt doesn’t go for naught.



1. Alvin - April 24, 2006

True. Sometimes I hate the fact that most of the things I post on my blog are so shallow, hehe… I started my blog thinking that it would be where many of my great ideas will be born, but nowadays, i’m just too busy (and lazy) to post something that’s slightly interesting. But what the hell, I’ve been blogging for too long now to complain, might as well keep it up…

Welcome back!

2. lateralus - April 24, 2006

thanks alvin. 🙂

3. arvin - May 7, 2006

I started blogging because of a friend and I’ve closed it for the same reason you have.
I wanted something more interesting, to move other people and make them think, but then I realized that I’m no journalist not even a writer
and through that ‘mediocre’ ranting – shallow it might be. I’ve realized that somehow I’ve grown.
I still don’t know why I keep an online journal, maybe because I find it fulfilling… as simple as that.

Whatever your reasons are for having this blog again, I hope that this stays for good 😉 just write!

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