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Reality: and why it’s worth escaping from March 27, 2006

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Just like in the US, the power and influence of the
political/societal observer cum-blogger has become undeniable in the
Filipino setting. Despite the fact that a good fraction of the
Philippine population has not yet experienced actually reading a piece
of literature that someone else wrote during his idle moments in his
boring eight-to-five workday, there is a growing sense of community
within the Bloggers’ group. Who could blame them? Aside from the fact
that their numbers are indeed growing, people from the opinionated
middle class and the elite have also taken their thoughts to
cyberspace. The community is now densely packed with people belonging
to different sectors (from the scion of former presidents, broadcasters and the current toast of email forwarders everywhere) of lay society who are connected in one way, shape or form.

is the blogging world as we know it – a microcosm of society filled
with buzz, rants and (few if any) raves about how the government has
performed (but most of the time it’s really on how much the government
has fared poorly). It’s a forum wherein almost all permutations of
possible solutions to the nation’s greatest problems have been cited.
This side of the blogging community has indeed become a ‘real’
community – the only thing that keeps it from being real of course is
the medium. It’s practically reliving what has transpired in real time
in a post-mortem report as seen by dozens of other people. There is a
sense of virtuality to it all considering 99% of the words said in
blogs wouldn’t really have palpable physical manifestation in the real


Sometimes, I really think it over. Why
don’t I write pieces similar to how these other great journalists have
deemed it fit? In the end, I came to the conclusion that I choose to be
more wary of a different ‘world’ than what these other people are aware
of. Since most of they have already assumed the other more…

+++To be continued



1. arvin - May 7, 2006

blogging is not an escape from reality, but a continuation of it 😉 the medium might not be as ‘real’ but its basis is very real

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